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March 20, 2018

Wonderful Sports Day Today !!

80’s Day Tomorrow

Let’s Have Some Fun….

google the looks !


Auble Math~

Finish review / preview for sections…..choose the 5 that will help you most.  We will go over tomorrow’s golden ticket and work on closure….Don’t forget…POW due Friday.  Test Monday.

Image result for Baby pic

Don’t forget….baby pic….you also should record how long you were and how much you weighed.  🙂


Biondi Math ~

We began learning how to divide fractions…..I showed 2 methods….common denominators and then, what I-Ready calls “Skip, Flip, and Multiply” .  My goal is to have students understand why you can “Skip, Flip, and Multiply” but the concept is deep.  You have two worksheets to complete and practice division of fractions.  Work for 20 minutes….we will continue in class.  You also have a review POW due on Monday.  Test this Friday over Multiplication and Division of fractions.


Science ~

Continue working on the science packet….we will discuss answers tomorrow.  Answers are attached below :

color and light book answers


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