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April 17, 2018

Day 2 Of  AIR Testing In The Books

Thank you to all who donated snacks !!


Auble Math

Please complete lesson 8.1.5 ….and review / preview.  We will review all homework and lesson tomorrow.  Please look at email for homework answers (Yes…I sent it).  also, you have your % POW and inequality bellwork to do as well.


Biondi Math

You have your Murder Mystery Review POW due friday and graphing POW due tomorrow.



complete lesson 2 for Wednesday.  We will review lesson 1 and 2 tomorrow in class.

Continue to work on review for AIR test… review packet….complete AIR practice test off portal page.



There is some concern that the Spring Musical  is not for kids.  Just a heads up….the play is long… little over 2.5 hours, so that makes it rough for younger kids.   Quick summary :  first ACT is happily ever after…..ACT 2….is the Not So Happily Ever After…death does occur, but it is not seen…just inferred.   I would say 5th grade on up can handle it…any younger may be a bit long.  If you have any further questions, send me an email.  Thanks

Ticket Info….

Click Here For “INTO THE WOODS” Tickets

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