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April 25, 2018

As Our Year Comes To A Close

Keep Up The Great Effort !


Auble Math ~

We completed the review / preview section for Lesson 8.2.1….please keep doing the review / preview for the next 3 lessons.  We will review those tomorrow and Friday.  Our AIR Math Test is Monday -Tuesday next week.   We also introduced another POW … equations.   This POW will be due next Friday.   As for the POWs due tomorrow (inequality and % pow), if you do not get the taping the pieces together, we will discuss tomorrow.  Try it for 15 minutes…then put away.


Biondi Math ~

We reviewed the Murder Mystery POW and I collected for a grade.  Then, we tackled finding the mean of fractional numbers by adding and dividing.   The kids had 4 worksheets to complete in class ….they checked and moved on.  If you did not finish these sheets, please do so for tomorrow.  We also have the remainder of the measuring worksheets with the riddles on them that we started yesterday.  Please finish that packet for a grade.  I will check the graphing bird tomorrow as well.


Science ~

Today, kids had the opportunity to choose a research topic about our universe /solar system  to investigate.  Their job right now is to become an expert on their topic.  Look up and read about your topic.  Share your topic with a family member and the questions they have about your topic should drive your research.  I will have a more detailed outline to follow by Friday.  Keep looking up and reading all about your topic.

For those that did not turn in their Season’s paragraph or their book lessons, these grades are now late.  You will lose points each day they are not turned in to me…. please show me and I will have you put them in a special place on my desk so that you may earn credit.  Work on getting me these assignments ASAP.


Please Sign And Return

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