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April 9, 2018

Welcome Back….

Whirlwind of a Day Today

They All Missed Each Other 🙂


Auble Math

Please work on POW…if you want to do review / preview you may …. it will be assigned tomorrow.


Biondi math

We worked on what volume is and how to calculate it.  Please complete the front and back of worksheet #1….include tick marks….numbers for the length, width, and height of each prism.  Then, calculate the prisms volume.  Remember measurements.

POW….decimal review packet…due Friday….you have this one.



We began our discussion of space by hitting the ZOOM button in. First we note the biggest part is ….Universe…Galaxy….Milky Way…Solar System… Sun…. Planets…. Earth.  We will discuss Revolution and Rotation tomorrow.


** AIR Testing Dates **

April 16-17 (ELA)

 April 23-24 (Science)

April 30-May1 (Math)

Please try to avoid doctor appointments/absences if possible.

Thank you 🙂

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