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May 16, 2018

Wonderful Evacuation Drill Today

Central School participated in a school-wide evacuation drill today.  Police, Fire, and Administration were all involved.  Our entire building evacuated to the city garage across the street, down by the old stadium.  We accomplished all of the drill in about 50 minutes.  The kids did a wonderful job….they were respectful, responsible and ready to perform.   Job well done.


Auble Math

We reviewed for our Chapter 9 test next week.  Kids worked in their group to complete formative 1 and formative 2 quizzes.  These two quizzes represent most, if not all, the material that will be on next week’s test.  Keep working on your review / preview questions.


Biondi Math

We reviewed how to collect survey data and then turn it into a computerized graph.  Mr. Butler walked us through this activity.  The kids had lots of time to explore various graphs.  The key to this lesson was to learn how to present visual information in a visually pleasing way….   colors and fonts were discussed.    Then, we reviewed our math packet for our last test next week.  More practice problems can be found in our book.  No new homework.  Math test is May 22.  Keep studying and practicing !



We took time to present our space mini research slide shows.  I also gave a packet on Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids….OH MY !!  We will look at this packet on Friday.  Please complete by Friday





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