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May 8, 2018

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Crazy Days At The Auble Household ūüôā


Auble Math ~

Lesson 9.1.1 , along with the review / preview

Lesson 9.1.2, along with the review / preview

Both of these lessons will be reviewed in class on Thursday. ¬†I sent answers to your email. ¬†You have had two periods in class to work on these problems, so most should be completed in school…finish at home. ¬†You also have a POW (Will’s CD and just the area problem. ¬†Skip graph #2) ¬†due on May 14th.


Biondi Math

I gave a review packet for Chapter 12 test (6 pages). ¬†Do the evens for practice… the odds if you need more practice. ¬†We will go over this packet on Monday. ¬†Test will be on Thursday. ¬† We also began measuring for our Mean Average Monster….this activity is an in-class activity. ¬†Those absent will have to catch up. ¬†You also have the Gremlin Mystery POW due on the 11th.



Your poster is due this Thursday…..put completed posters on back table

Also….your slide show is due on your due date next week. ¬†You chose the date, so you are responsible for knowing your presentation date.

Solar System Test will be in two weeks…..Tuesday, May 22.

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