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August 20, 2018 ~ June 7, 2019

You Made It To My Post !!


As we have become a 4 man team, we thought it best to post all homework and news on Progress Book so that you may look in one spot for updates.   Clicking on Progress Book provides updates on grades as well  as daily homework assignments.  Please take time to locate your password….share your password with your child so they may view this site as well.  At this level, kids do not get their own password. Thank you again for your help on the homefront


Progress Book Link


If you have lost your password, please send an  email / note   to




Please note….the links on this page are still active and do provide information and help sites for you as well.

Please use the links on this page for information as needed

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May 16, 2018

Wonderful Evacuation Drill Today

Central School participated in a school-wide evacuation drill today.  Police, Fire, and Administration were all involved.  Our entire building evacuated to the city garage across the street, down by the old stadium.  We accomplished all of the drill in about 50 minutes.  The kids did a wonderful job….they were respectful, responsible and ready to perform.   Job well done.


Auble Math

We reviewed for our Chapter 9 test next week.  Kids worked in their group to complete formative 1 and formative 2 quizzes.  These two quizzes represent most, if not all, the material that will be on next week’s test.  Keep working on your review / preview questions.


Biondi Math

We reviewed how to collect survey data and then turn it into a computerized graph.  Mr. Butler walked us through this activity.  The kids had lots of time to explore various graphs.  The key to this lesson was to learn how to present visual information in a visually pleasing way….   colors and fonts were discussed.    Then, we reviewed our math packet for our last test next week.  More practice problems can be found in our book.  No new homework.  Math test is May 22.  Keep studying and practicing !



We took time to present our space mini research slide shows.  I also gave a packet on Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids….OH MY !!  We will look at this packet on Friday.  Please complete by Friday





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May 14, 2018

Middle School Parent Orientation Meeting

tonight @ 7 pm

Tomorrow Is CAVS  DAY !!


Only outstanding work for Science ~  Slide Show

Auble Math ~ POW and Review / Previews

Biondi Math ~  Review Packet for final test


Please check progress book to see any

outstanding grades or missing work

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May 9, 2018

WOW…Here We Go !!

Auble Math ~

For the remainder of the year….complete all review / preview for Chapter 9

POW’s  ….Will’s CD due 14th

Chapter 9 test predicted to be May 24th


Biondi Math ~

Test….May 22….averages, volume, and measurement

POW due May 14th


Science ~

Poster due Thursday

Slide show due next week


As we approach these final weeks, Central School has many activities in the books.  I will try to catalog all of them here, but please pay attention to the main website for further details.

May 14 ~ PSO Volunteer Tea Thank You (We Thank You For All Your Help)

May 14 ~ Grade 5 Parent MS Orientation meeting ~   7pm @ Middle School

May 16 ~  Mass Evacuation Drill….we will practice leaving the premises…walk across

Rt 82 and make our way down to the service garage

by Old Stadium  (9am)

May 17 ~ Solar System Test

May 17 ~ School-wide Assembly @ 1:30….Jim Basketball Jones

May 18 ~  Field Trip To The Middle School….we travel to MS to tour building

May 21 ~ Yearbooks Delivered

May 22 ~ Biondi HR Final Math Test….Chap 12…volume, measurement, averages

May 23 ~ Brecksville Library to visit to share Summer Reading Program

May 23 ~ Grade 5 BAND CONCERT @ MS 7pm

May 24….Final Auble HR Math Test…Chapter 9

…..Book Project Due for Biondi ELA classes

May 25 ~ Memorial Day Ceremony….Invites sent to Honor Your Veteran

Portfolio Project due for Biondi ELA classes

May 31 ~ Grade 5 Newcomb Extravaganza (field day) @  1:45-2:45

June 1 ~ Last Day Of School….Only 1/2 a Day…. Dismissal @ 1:10 pm

… and award ceremony (not certain about times yet)



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May 8, 2018

Sorry Faithful Website Users

Crazy Days At The Auble Household 🙂


Auble Math ~

Lesson 9.1.1 , along with the review / preview

Lesson 9.1.2, along with the review / preview

Both of these lessons will be reviewed in class on Thursday.  I sent answers to your email.  You have had two periods in class to work on these problems, so most should be completed in school…finish at home.  You also have a POW (Will’s CD and just the area problem.  Skip graph #2)  due on May 14th.


Biondi Math

I gave a review packet for Chapter 12 test (6 pages).  Do the evens for practice… the odds if you need more practice.  We will go over this packet on Monday.  Test will be on Thursday.   We also began measuring for our Mean Average Monster….this activity is an in-class activity.  Those absent will have to catch up.  You also have the Gremlin Mystery POW due on the 11th.



Your poster is due this Thursday…..put completed posters on back table

Also….your slide show is due on your due date next week.  You chose the date, so you are responsible for knowing your presentation date.

Solar System Test will be in two weeks…..Tuesday, May 22.

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April 30, 2018

Day 1 Math Testing…In The Books !

Day 2 Tomorrow 🙂


Auble Math

finish review/preview for section 8.3….begin work on closure.  Chapter 8 Test is friday.

Biondi Math

N/A right now….keep looking over team work packet


Continue working on topic slide show….you need 5 slides with a fact picture about your topic.  We will choose due dates tomorrow.

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April 27, 2018

Math AIR Test….Monday / Tuesday


Auble Math ~

We continued to work on AIR test prep…we went over problems from the practice test and I answered questions.  Students need to keep working on the review / previews for chapter 8 (8.3.1, 8.3.2, and 8.3.3) and closure.  We will review these lessons on Thursdays.  Chapter 8 test next Friday.


Biondi Math ~

We continued to work on AIR test prep….we went over problems from the practice test and I answered questions.  Students need to continue working on test prep.  I have sent an email with the attached practice test ….. answers will come in a later email.  Continue to work on these problems.   I will score this work on Wednesday.


Science ~

Continue to work on your slide show for the topic you have chosen.  For each slide, please include a title,  at least one fact,  and a picture.  By the end of your presentation, we should know a bit more about your topic.  You will pick your presentation date next week.  We will present the week of May 14-18.  Whatever day you pick out of the hat is the day you present.   Become the expert on your topic, Keep reading !

Field Trip Permission Slips….Bring Monday  


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April 26, 2018

Keep Working on Becoming An Expert For Your Science Topic for Space

Keep working on math practice AIR tests

Bring Field Trip Permission Slip for Middle School 🙂

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April 25, 2018

As Our Year Comes To A Close

Keep Up The Great Effort !


Auble Math ~

We completed the review / preview section for Lesson 8.2.1….please keep doing the review / preview for the next 3 lessons.  We will review those tomorrow and Friday.  Our AIR Math Test is Monday -Tuesday next week.   We also introduced another POW … equations.   This POW will be due next Friday.   As for the POWs due tomorrow (inequality and % pow), if you do not get the taping the pieces together, we will discuss tomorrow.  Try it for 15 minutes…then put away.


Biondi Math ~

We reviewed the Murder Mystery POW and I collected for a grade.  Then, we tackled finding the mean of fractional numbers by adding and dividing.   The kids had 4 worksheets to complete in class ….they checked and moved on.  If you did not finish these sheets, please do so for tomorrow.  We also have the remainder of the measuring worksheets with the riddles on them that we started yesterday.  Please finish that packet for a grade.  I will check the graphing bird tomorrow as well.


Science ~

Today, kids had the opportunity to choose a research topic about our universe /solar system  to investigate.  Their job right now is to become an expert on their topic.  Look up and read about your topic.  Share your topic with a family member and the questions they have about your topic should drive your research.  I will have a more detailed outline to follow by Friday.  Keep looking up and reading all about your topic.

For those that did not turn in their Season’s paragraph or their book lessons, these grades are now late.  You will lose points each day they are not turned in to me…. please show me and I will have you put them in a special place on my desk so that you may earn credit.  Work on getting me these assignments ASAP.


Please Sign And Return

Middle School Field Trip Permission Slip

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April 23, 2018

Science Test #1 …In The Books !!


Auble Math ~

Inequality POW…due Thursday

Percent POW…due Thursday


Biondi Math

Murder Mystery POW due Thursday

Decimal Review Packet …due Wednesday

Fraction ws…..mult. fraction…due Wednesday

Graphing Bird…due Wednesday.



I collected science books and graded….10 points per lesson….5 lessons…50 points.  Please turn in if you did not today for a late grade…unless absent.

Super Science packet due Wednesday






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