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April 20, 2018

Please Continue

Reviewing AIR test science review

Review all 4 practice tests

Please have questions ready concerning any simulations.


Auble Math ~

Inequality and % POWs due on Thursday

Biondi Math ~

Please work on the following :

Fraction ws….due Wed.
Murder Mystery…due Wed.
Graphing Bird…due Wed.
Decimal POW (evens only)…Wed.

Science ~

continue looking at prac. tests
paragraph due Tuesday….share with me
book work due Monday (all 5 lessons)
Read Sci. Review packet




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April 19, 2018


Please review science AIR practice tests.

Go to portal page and follow clicks to practice tests !

I will collect grades in science book ….lessons 1-5 on Monday

I will collect grades in math ….Thursday next week.

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April 18, 2018


phew….that is a hard one for me to say !!

That being said….

no math homework for anyone.  

Please review the practice Science AIR Test

There are 4 release practice sites.  It is important that you review all by Friday and have questions ready to go.  To access the practice release questions…go to our portal page….log on to  the AIR portal… on students and families… on student practice site…..follow prompts to science.  We have completed 1-1.5 of these tests in class so far.  They are tough and require quite a bit of figuring.  Please have questions ready !!


Try this link….

AIR Portal practice sites

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April 17, 2018

Day 2 Of  AIR Testing In The Books

Thank you to all who donated snacks !!


Auble Math

Please complete lesson 8.1.5 ….and review / preview.  We will review all homework and lesson tomorrow.  Please look at email for homework answers (Yes…I sent it).  also, you have your % POW and inequality bellwork to do as well.


Biondi Math

You have your Murder Mystery Review POW due friday and graphing POW due tomorrow.



complete lesson 2 for Wednesday.  We will review lesson 1 and 2 tomorrow in class.

Continue to work on review for AIR test… review packet….complete AIR practice test off portal page.



There is some concern that the Spring Musical  is not for kids.  Just a heads up….the play is long… little over 2.5 hours, so that makes it rough for younger kids.   Quick summary :  first ACT is happily ever after…..ACT 2….is the Not So Happily Ever After…death does occur, but it is not seen…just inferred.   I would say 5th grade on up can handle it…any younger may be a bit long.  If you have any further questions, send me an email.  Thanks

Ticket Info….

Click Here For “INTO THE WOODS” Tickets

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April 13, 2018

We All Survived 

Triskaidekaphobia  !!


Math Auble ~

Today we learned how to calculate the IQR and why this measure of spread might be important.  We completed 8-48 in class….kids had to do 8-50 and rest of review / preview for homework.   New %  POW…evens only due next Friday, April 20.


Biondi Math ~

We completed a volume quest today….I also gave a graphing page to complete by Tuesday.  Don’t forget you have the mystery POW due next thursday, April 19.


Science ~

You have 2 things to complete for science….the solar system practice test is now due on Wednesday.   Also….please read through the science packet to review for AIR test.


AIR  Testing Begins on Monday….Please Note

Get Plenty of Rest

Eat a Good Breakfast

Be Ready To Show Us All You Can Do !!

ELA is Monday/Tuesday….. (April 16-17)

SCIENCE is Monday / Tuesday  (April 23- 24)

MATH is Monday / Tuesday…. (April 30-May 1)


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April 12, 2018

The Tilt Is The Reason for the Season !

….Not The Distance From The Sun 🙂


Auble Math

We began lesson 8.1.4….box plots….finish the 2 box plots and review / preview for lesson.  We will finish discussing this lesson tomorrow in class.   Cake POW is also due tomorrow.  Please show all work….include measurements.


Biondi math

We continued to work on volume….tomorrow we have a short quiz over volume.  You also have a decimal review packet POW due tomorrow.    Finally, you have a murder mystery review packet due next Thursday, April 19.



Please continue to work on practice test for solar system…use computer or each other to figure answers.  We will review this packet on the 17th.  Also….I handed out a Science packet that reviews all of our content presented throughout the year.  Please read and review this packet for our AIR test scheduled for April 23-24.  Finally, you have the seasons packet due tomorrow.


For Those Interested

This year’s High School Spring Musical is Into The Woods. 

Shows are Thursday, April 19 – Saturday, April 22. 

Ticket Information can be found at the following website


Into The Woods Ticket Information

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April 11, 2018

So Happy We Live In The Goldilocks Zone !!


Auble Math Homework

Finish the lesson 8-30….8-32….8-35  plus Review and Preview

Cake POW due Friday


Biondi Homework

Finish math packet from yesterday …..V = BH  or  V = L  *   W  *   H …. start with formula…then substitute and solve…remember measurements.

Decimal Review Packet due Friday



Science Solar System Test …..look up answers by April 17

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April 9, 2018

Welcome Back….

Whirlwind of a Day Today

They All Missed Each Other 🙂


Auble Math

Please work on POW…if you want to do review / preview you may …. it will be assigned tomorrow.


Biondi math

We worked on what volume is and how to calculate it.  Please complete the front and back of worksheet #1….include tick marks….numbers for the length, width, and height of each prism.  Then, calculate the prisms volume.  Remember measurements.

POW….decimal review packet…due Friday….you have this one.



We began our discussion of space by hitting the ZOOM button in. First we note the biggest part is ….Universe…Galaxy….Milky Way…Solar System… Sun…. Planets…. Earth.  We will discuss Revolution and Rotation tomorrow.


** AIR Testing Dates **

April 16-17 (ELA)

 April 23-24 (Science)

April 30-May1 (Math)

Please try to avoid doctor appointments/absences if possible.

Thank you 🙂

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March 26, 2018

No New Homework except I-Ready Minutes


Take Time To Look To The Sky Tonight !!

Beautiful First Quarter Moon Last Night….Venus and Mars are visible as well


International Space Station Sighting

tonight around 8:45 pm….SW skies…look right above trees



Salamander Crossing

Possibly Tomorrow Night ….need Rain and Dar

I am going out around 9 pm


If you are planning on going out to view the salamanders, please follow these directions from the ranger’s office:

  • Each person needs their own flashlight
  • Park at end of road and walk up…go in by Sleepy Hollow Golf course (Rt21)
  • No dogs….No strollers
  •  No touching the animals….just looking and listening.
  • Stay on the trails
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March 20, 2018

Wonderful Sports Day Today !!

80’s Day Tomorrow

Let’s Have Some Fun….

google the looks !


Auble Math~

Finish review / preview for sections…..choose the 5 that will help you most.  We will go over tomorrow’s golden ticket and work on closure….Don’t forget…POW due Friday.  Test Monday.

Image result for Baby pic

Don’t forget….baby pic….you also should record how long you were and how much you weighed.  🙂


Biondi Math ~

We began learning how to divide fractions…..I showed 2 methods….common denominators and then, what I-Ready calls “Skip, Flip, and Multiply” .  My goal is to have students understand why you can “Skip, Flip, and Multiply” but the concept is deep.  You have two worksheets to complete and practice division of fractions.  Work for 20 minutes….we will continue in class.  You also have a review POW due on Monday.  Test this Friday over Multiplication and Division of fractions.


Science ~

Continue working on the science packet….we will discuss answers tomorrow.  Answers are attached below :

color and light book answers


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