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March 16, 2018

Top O’ the Morning To You

Happy St. Patrick’s Day !¬†

Enjoy Tomorrow ūüôā

Wrapping Up Units For Spring Break

Light Test and Math Tests ~ Both Next Week


Auble Math~

We completed lesson 7.3.2 in class.¬† Finish review / preview for homework.¬† We also have a measurement POW due Monday….just surface area.¬† Golden Ticket due Wednesday.¬† It was fun to compare pi day images with Mr. Sybo’s class…hard to find a winner since both classes captured different images.¬† Mr. Sybo and I will decide on a class gathering for both classes to celebrate.¬† Great job all ūüôā¬† ¬† Chapter 7 test next Friday.

Biondi Math

We corrected POW and other fraction worksheet together.¬† I answered all questions.¬† I walked students through the recipe problem. Kids will have to know how to quadruple a recipe and cut a recipe in half for next week’s test on Friday.¬† ¬†Then, we partnered up and completed 10 fraction word problems on the big boards.¬† ¬†Kids did an awesome job working through these problems.¬† I gave a new POW due Monday, March 26


Science ~

I gave a light packet that reviews all of our light concepts.¬† The book needed to read to answer the question has been emailed to you….check your email.¬† ¬†This packet is due Tuesday.¬† I will give you Monday class to work.¬† Science test on Wednesday, March 21.





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March 15, 2018

Into Our Longest Stretch Yet

Hang In There…..Spring Break In 10 days ūüôā


Auble Math

Pi Day Challenge with Mr. Sybo’s class is underway….keep adding pics.¬† We will count tomorrow at 9 am.¬† Today we reviewed lesson 7.2.4 review / preview and answered any questions.¬† Then, I introduced lesson 7.3.1…very cool lesson for our young¬† ¬† math-a-magicians.¬† We used algebra tiles to prove some pretty cool number tricks.¬† The kids had a fun time proving some very sophisticated thinking ūüôā¬† Great job today.¬† Review / Preview for homework and continue finding surface area of shapes POW.

Biondi Math

I passed back test and reviewed.¬† Then, I introduced multiplication of fractions.¬† ¬†Kids worked on doubling and tripling a recipe…then, began homework…double sided multiplication of fraction worksheet due tomorrow.¬† Also, POW due tomorrow… another double sided multiplication of fraction worksheet.


We went over light lab station answers and then began a light and color packet with¬†comprehension¬† questions.¬† This packet is due on Tuesday.¬† We will use it to review for Wednesday’s light test.

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March 14, 2018

Happy PI – Day !!

We had fun celebrating some pi – day activities in class today


Auble Math ~

We spent some time exploring pi and participated in some activities, ¬†We have a challenge thrown towards Mr. Sybo’s class that involves finding circular items and adding the pics to a slide show. ¬†The final count will be Friday morning….keep capturing and pasting pics !

Homework ~

Math Review / Preview for last lesson


Biondi Math ~

We completed Chapter 9 test today over adding and subtracting fractions.  We will move into multiplying and dividing fractions next.  Homework is to complete POW ws by Friday over multiplying fractions.



Light Lab due Friday… light project due Friday…if you are doing a kahoot, someone must do your kahoot and make certain questions are correct before we put it up for the class. ¬†You are to use questions right from our book, our light webquest, or our light lab. ¬†Finally, your light test will be next week…..right now, the 21st is a possible day…if not Wednesday….then, Thursday.


Next Week….Student Council Spirit Week ! ¬† Let’s have some fun !!

Monday-Ugly Tie Day  (something original for us to try!)
Tuesday-All Sports Day
Wednesday-80’s Day
Thursday-Tourist/Stay Afloat Day-Dress like you’re a tourist where you’d like to visit, and/or wear floaties or some type of inner tube to accessorize your outfit
Friday-Rainbow Day-each class will be assigned a color to wear 
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March 9, 2018

What Wonderful Talent On This Team !

Please share pics and video on google drive….

I will add to folder I have shared with all kids on the team.




Auble Math~

We took today to review yesterday’s lesson and take time to learn two other ways to divide fraction by fraction. ¬†Much easier today….good news, you only need to really know common denominator division and wonderful one reciprocal division of fraction by fraction. ¬†We completed only review / preview for lesson 7.2.2 and then in the back of the book, p491, checkpoint 7A…evens only…answers on bottom of page. ¬†Remember … POW due Monday.

Biondi Math ~

We corrected quiz and worked on I-Ready minutes….While students on I – Ready minutes, I worked with kids in small group to teach subtraction with regrouping skill. ¬†Tough skill. ¬† Homework: ¬†book work on multiplication of fractions and samurai warrior POW due Monday.

Science ~

We discussed Light Webquest….I moved test to March 21, 22, or 23….we will see how far we get. ¬†No new homework…work on mini light project due March 16….video, kahoot experiment, slide show, or some other project that emphasizes one of our light concepts.

Think about questions for kahoot….get them from the light webquest…our book… study island…worksheets given in class about light. ¬†Check answers with a friend.

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March 6, 2018

Brecksville – Broadview Hts. Schools Care !

The message this afternoon at our Love4BBH Rally

Thank you to all who participated ūüôā




Auble Math ~

We completed lessons 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 today in class.  I reviewed how to set up ratios and how to use tables to find missing ratio numbers.  Then, I assigned the following problems:

Lesson 7.1.1 ……..7-1 to 7-3, 7-8 to 7-13

Lesson 7.1.2……7-14 to 7-16, 7-19 to 7-23

You also have a POW due next Monday that reviews Box Plots, adding/subtracting integers, and Multiplying/Dividing Decimals


Biondi Math ~

We did not meet today due to Rally….I have assigned the following 3 things:

Fraction Number Line Packet from last week….due tomorrow (Wed.)

Fraction ws…Subtracting with Regrouping….due tomorrow (Wed.)

Samurai Warrior Fraction Mystery Packet….due Friday


Science ~

We will review Light Webquest tomorrow….please use link on right hand column of Central School Portal page….it is titled “Light Webquest”¬† The links on this site cover all the material in the webquest…you do need to search additional links once you get to the main website….be a good detective…you can do this worksheet !!

think about your mini project… Kahoot (choose 10 questions from worksheets/ webquests)… slideshow… video… experiment…etc.

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March 5, 2018

Optical Illusions Are Cool

Keep Finding Cool Light Facts


Sign Up for A Geocache”

Geocaching Link


Auble Math

We took time today to review concepts in I-Ready….multiplying and dividing decimal numbers, adding/subtracting integers, and Box Plots.¬† I gave a packet that is the new POW that is due next Monday.¬† We also spent time going over last week’s POW.¬† Please the first two review / preview sections for chapter 7…due on Wednesday.

Biondi Math ~

We went over how to regroup with subtraction of mixed numbers.  These problems involve many steps so we took time to really try to understand all of the steps involved.  Kids need to complete both sides of the worksheet with work on separate sheet of paper by Wednesday.  Kids also have a math packet concerning fractions on a number line due on Wednesday.  We will review these two activities on Wedneday.  The simplifying fractions math packet (Shogun Samurai Mystery Pack) is the POW that is due on Friday.


Many people complained that the Light Webquest link did not work….please use the one off the portal page on the right hand column.¬† The links on this site work.¬† We will review this sheet tomorrow in class.


Our Love4BBH Rally tomorrow has been moved indoors.  We will be in the big gymnasium at the high school.  Elementary kids will sit on the floor while Middle School and High School will sit in the stands.

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March 2, 2018

March Definitely Came In Like A Lion !!


Auble Math ~

We completed the Chapter 6 Test.   Only the POW due Monday for homework.   Be prepared with I-Ready questions for Monday I/E time.


Biondi Math ~

I handed out the next fraction mystery math packet…this packet is due next Friday.



Ask your family about the dress question…..finish webquest for Monday.

What Color Is The Dress??

think about your mini project… Kahoot (choose 10 questions from worksheets/ webquests)… ¬†slideshow… video… experiment…etc.


for Music class for 6th grade

Your child was given a handout that describes next year’s choices for music credit.¬† Your child needs to decide on one choice….complete handout and bring back to school as soon as possible.¬† This sheet is needed to begin scheduling classes for next year.

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March 1, 2018

Looks Like March Is coming In Like A Lion !

Stay Warm….Hope To See You Tomorrow¬† ūüôā


Auble Math ~

We reviewed golden ticket booklet and began team test in class….study team test, golden booklet, and closure problems to study for Chapter 6 test tomorrow.¬† Remember you have a POW due on Monday.


Biondi Math ~

You have a fraction packet to complete by tomorrow….have questions ready.¬† For those that are absent, I have shared in an email to the class.¬† Feel better !



We took the sound Test…..we start light tomorrow….think about your mini project… Kahoot (choose 10 questions from worksheets/webquests)… slideshow… video… experiment…etc.


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February 28, 2018

Will March Roar In Like A Lion or A Lamb ??

Love 4 BBH Community Rally…..IMPORTANT….PLEASE READ


Auble Math
Finish Golden ticket booklet
Closure problems
Chapter 6 Test Friday
POW…due Monday

Sound Test tomorrow

Biondi Math ~

Try Farmer’s fields and continue to work on I-Ready minutes.

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February 27, 2018

Enjoy the Beautiful Sunshine !


Auble Math

Divide up shapes among team and find area and perimeter for each shape.  Please write out the entire perimeter math sentence and then, combine like terms to show simplified answer.  Remember measurements.  Also, you have a POW due Monday.

Biondi Math

We played fraction golf today…lots of dice rolling and comparing of fractions.¬† Quiz tomorrow over + fractions with regrouping….comparing fractions….ordering fractions… and simplifying fractions.


Finish book work p 265-269…lesson on sound.¬† Please use a complete sentence and restate question in answer for full credit.¬† sound test on Thursday.

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