Subtracting Hundreds

Let’s Practice!

Check out this website:

New Math Place Value Games to Try!

Showing Place Value in Different Ways

Duck Von Fly Subtraction!

Sum Sense Subtraction!

Fact Dash!

Subtracting Using a Number Line

Subtract to Find the Difference

Subtract to Find Out How Many More

Show Me Addition with Regrouping

Let’s Learn about How Plants and Animals Are Interdependent

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Subtraction with Regrouping


Visit this site to practice Subtraction with Regrouping:

Friday, December 6th- Let’s work on this site today!-

How about a regrouping rap?





Want a challenge?



The Week of November 18-22

we love animals


Here’s what’s happening this week in Mrs. Berchtold’s class as well as seeing what the homework is:  The Buzz for November 18-22

Mrs. Berchtold’s Spelling Words and Enrichment Words

Click here for the November 18-22 HOME SHEET for Mrs. Petsche, Mrs. Nixon, and Mr. Cervenka

This is the Reading Study Sheet with information about what we are learning in Language Arts this week as well as the spelling and vocabulary words for the week.


Ways to Practice Spelling Wordcs

spelling practice main

Click here to go to a website that lists great ways to practice spelling words!

The Week of November 11-14


On Monday we learned about Veterans Day and its origins.  We are grateful to all who have served our country to protect our freedoms.  You are our heroes!

Here is the Reading Study Guide for all 4 classes this week.

Click here for the Home Sheet for Mrs. Petsche, Mr. Cervenka, and Mrs. Nixon.

Here is Mrs. Berchtold’s Buzz from Room 4  News and Homework Sheet and Spelling List.

Simple Solutions Homework

Here are the Simple Solutions pages in case your child forgets the book at school:

Numbers 26-30    Numbers 3 1-35    Numbers 36-40   Numbers 41-45

Numbers 46-50


The Week of November 4-8


What fun Halloween parties we had on Thursday!  Thanks to all the second grade families who made them such a success!  We appreciate all the donations of treats and supplies for the parties as well as all the time put into planning and carrying out the fun games, crafts and activities!  A memorable time was had by all!

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Click here for the Home Sheet for Mrs. Petsche, Mr. Cervenka and Mrs. Nixon

Pumpkin Character Book Reports

pumpkins10 pumpkins2 pumpkins3 pumpkins4 pumpkins5 pumpkins6 pumpkins7 pumpkins8 pumpkins9