The Week of November 11-14


On Monday we learned about Veterans Day and its origins.  We are grateful to all who have served our country to protect our freedoms.  You are our heroes!

Here is the Reading Study Guide for all 4 classes this week.

Click here for the Home Sheet for Mrs. Petsche, Mr. Cervenka, and Mrs. Nixon.

Here is Mrs. Berchtold’s Buzz from Room 4  News and Homework Sheet and Spelling List.

Simple Solutions Homework

Here are the Simple Solutions pages in case your child forgets the book at school:

Numbers 26-30    Numbers 3 1-35    Numbers 36-40   Numbers 41-45

Numbers 46-50


The Week of November 4-8


What fun Halloween parties we had on Thursday!  Thanks to all the second grade families who made them such a success!  We appreciate all the donations of treats and supplies for the parties as well as all the time put into planning and carrying out the fun games, crafts and activities!  A memorable time was had by all!

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Click here for the Home Sheet for Mrs. Petsche, Mr. Cervenka and Mrs. Nixon

Pumpkin Character Book Reports

pumpkins10 pumpkins2 pumpkins3 pumpkins4 pumpkins5 pumpkins6 pumpkins7 pumpkins8 pumpkins9

The Week of October 28-November 1

What a great week we will have!  Lots of learning and lots of fun!

The Pumpkin Character Book Reports turned out to be

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!!!!

Thank you to all the families who had a hand in pumpkin creations!  We hope it turned out to be a fun family project!

Our Halloween parties will be on Thursday followed by our costume parade at 2:45.  Students may bring their costumes to school to put on just before parade time.  Please do not send any make-up to be applied before the parade.  Also remember that no pretend weapons of any kind are permitted.

Here is the Homework Sheet for Mrs. Petsche, Mrs. Nixon, and Mr. Cervenka

Here is this week’s Reading Study Sheet for Mrs. Petsche, Mrs. Nixon, and Mr. Cervenka

Here is Info for Mrs. Berchtold’s Class:

Mrs. B’s Spelling Words      Mrs. B’s “What’s the Buzz?”


enrichment graphicEnrichment Activities for Students


Visit these websites to find enrichment activities for your child.

Reading Websites for Enrichment

Second Grade Interactive Skills

Third Grade Interactive Skills

Book Adventures- Students can sign up to take comprehension tests on chapter books they are reading. Type in title of book. (Magic Tree house books, Junie B Jones, Ready Freddy etc.)

Story Starters- Students type on name. Click on grade level. Then write some fantastic stories using story starters. Students get to use typing skills.example: Write a fairytale about a loud computer who likes to sing. Great to increase writing skills.

Poetry Engine-Students can write poems such as Limerick, Haiku, etc. This game teaches students how to write these poems. Students can then practice reading the poems for fluency.

I Spy- Students can read passage for fluency and then hunt for the object in the picture.

Nouns and Verbs-Place the words in the correct can to learn about nouns and verbs.

Word Endings


A Dog’s Life/Travel- Read the story. Then decide what will come next in the story by clicking on the next sentences. Now you are the author. How will your story end?

More Reading games for K-2 or 3-5

This is the website where I found the above games. There are more games on this website that you can play. I just chose some of my favorites.

Click on reading tab.


Math Websites for Enrichment

Check out this math story problems. Use your logical thinking skills to help solve the problems.


Math Drill

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems.

Choose level. Hard or Easy


More math games k-2 or 3-5

Click on math tab.

This is the website where I found the above games. There are more games on this website that you can play. I just chose some of my favorites.

Science Games and Learning activities

Discover all the fun of learning Science. Click on Science tab.

Social Studies Games and Learning activities.

Great activities for social studies. Click on Social Studies tab.

Pumpkin Character Book Report Homework

pumpkin picture 1pumpkin picture 3pumpkin picture 4pumpkin picture 5pumpkin-lilly

Instructions for the Pumpkin Character Book Report

Report Form

The Week of October 21-24

time flys


Can it really be the end of the 1st quarter already????  How can that be possible?  The weather certainly doesn’t seem like it’s nearing the end of October and that Halloween is right around the corner!  

Speaking of weather….. we must be prepared for all kinds of weather and for the weather to change very quickly.  Please make sure that you check the weather forecast and have your child dress for the weather later in the day.  It may start off sunny and warm, but by recess in the afternoon, a jacket is necessary.  It’s a good idea to keep a sweatshirt or sweater in the locker for cool classrooms or unexpected changes in weather.

Each day day students are helped to organize their materials and to pack up their homework.  If for some reason your child forgets his or her Simple Solutions book at school, you can go to the Homework Assignments Category and find a link to download the week’s Simple Solutions pages.  Print out the page your child needs and have him or her write the answer on the copy.  At school the next day, the answers can be easily transferred into the book upon arrival to school.

Remember that there is no school for students this Friday – October 25th because of Inservice and Records Day.  

Click to see Mrs. Berchtold’s Homework and News

Mrs. Berchtold’s Spelling and Reading Vocabulary Words this week

Click here to see the Homework sheet for Mrs. Petsche, Mr. Cervenka, and Mrs. Nixon

Reading Study Sheet for Mrs. Petsche, Mr. Cervenka, Mrs. Nixon

Speak Math – Information for Parents

Explore Ohio’s New Learning Standards for K-12 Mathematics with Parma City
School District Math Coach, Heather Canzurlo. Learn how to talk math with
your child’s teacher so you can establish a strong home-school partnership.
Take home great tips and resources to effectively support your young
mathematician.  Click here for more information:  speak_math_flyermath

The Week of October 14

There are many things happening in 2nd Grade this week even though we only have 4 school days!

In Language Arts we will be talking about families.  All students can relate to that!  Families come in all shapes and sizes!  Our essential question which we will talk about all week will be:  What happens when families work together?

Click here to see this week’s homework and Language Arts Study Sheet:  oct 14