March 6, 2017

March 6th, 2017

Dear Parents,
Important Dates:
March 8th- Kindergarten registration 8:00am-4:00pm
March 9th- Kindergarten registration 4:00pm-8:00pm
March 17th-NO SCHOOL- End of Third Grading Period/ Teacher Inservice and Work Day
March 20th- Kick-Off to ONE SCHOOL/ ONE BOOK

A reminder that each child should be reading their WHO WAS book that was sent home last week. Sounds like most of the children are really coming along with their reading, and are excited about their report. The CEREAL BOX report is due on March 24th. Please let me know if you have any questions.

This week:
Reading/ Language Arts: This week week and next week we will focus on sequencing, summarizing, author’s point of view, possessive nouns, adjectives, the suffix “able” and root words. We continue going through the steps of the writing process on our opinion piece of whether kids should or should not get paid for chores.

Spelling words and homework this week- 3 lessons.

I am also assigning the children IREADY for homework. They should go on 20 min. For reading (or 1 lesson) and 20 min. For math (or 1 lesson) by Friday. Although we do work on this at school, it has been difficult for everyone to get their 2 lessons completed for reading and math each week. Hopefully this will help!
Please let me know if there are computer issues at home, and are unable to complete this.

Math: The students will be bringing home their Check Progress from Friday. Please look over it with your child. We will be spending a few days reviewing area and perimeter before their math test on Thursday. Some are still getting confused with how to find area (If it is a rectangle use the formula A=L X W. If it is NOT a rectangle (composite figure), MAKE rectangles, and then use the formula A=L X W for each rectangle. Add the area of the rectangles to find the total area of the composite figure. If square units, just count the units. ) and perimeter (ADD ALL the sides!). Please continue to review this nightly.
We will be moving on to fractions next!

Science: This week we will be learning about states of matter, as well as changes in matter. A study guide will be coming home today. Our test will be next Wed.

The children worked on a Tellagami project with Mr. Wasil. He will be making their matter slides into a movie to share with you.

Mrs. Niedermeyer arranged for the Third Grade to meet a few local sled dogs from the Trail Breakers Club.
We will also be following the Iditarod race and cheering on Monica Zappa.
Here is the iditarod web site in case you want to follow at home:

Eye on the Trail: Last Teams to Finish March 17th

Have a wonderful week. Looks like it is going to be a roller coaster ride with our weather again!
Mrs. Boczulak

Feb. 13, 2017

February 13th, 2017

Dear Parents,

  Important Dates:
                           * Tuesday, Feb. 14th- Valentine’s Day Party- 2-3Pm  – Please have
 your child bring in their Valentine Box and cards by Tuesday morning.   All are welcome to attend our party.  The back playground will be open for additional parking if needed.  Grass is too wet this time of year to park on, and we don’t want anyone inconvenienced by getting stuck.  You may sign out your child in the classroom, and take them home at 3.  All cars must be out of the parking lot by 3:15, so our busses can get through.  Thank you in advance for your assistance with this.
                           * Tuesday, Feb. 14th- The students met their 100 sticker goal a few weeks ago.  We will be celebrating all our hard work today with some free choice time.  Students may bring in board/card games , or electronics today if they like.  Please be sure that they have discussed and have your permission before something valuable is brought in.  While choice time will be organized, I can not guarantee items not getting lost or broken.
                            * Friday, Feb. 17th- Elementary School Night- HS Basketball game @ the HS, 7:30pm vs Nordonia Knights.
                             * Monday, Feb. 20 – NO SCHOOL- President’s Day
                             *Tuesday, Feb. 21- COSI assembly
Reading/ Language: This week we will be focusing on main idea in nonfiction passages.  Putting all the details together to form a main idea can be difficult.  We will be practicing with a variety of passages and activities.  We will also be working on identifying the meaning of words with the suffix y/ly.
We are working on using/ identifying verbs in sentences with a Angry Verbs writing assignment.  We are reading two articles about dong chores.  The children will use text evidence to support their opinion about doing chores.
Math: This week we will be reviewing area (rectangle- Area= length x width) and perimeter- (add all the sides).  We will also begin decomposing more complex shapes to find the total area.  This is more difficult for the children, especially when they have to find the unknown side before finding the area or perimeter.
Science: This week we will continue to identify the properties of matter.  We will focus on measuring length and mass, as well as, identifying magnetism and buoyancy.  A matter riddle assignment will come home this week and will be due on Friday.
Have a wonderful week and a Valentine’s Day filled with love!
Mrs. Boczulak

Nov. 28, 2016

November 28th, 2016

Dear Parents,

 Important dates:

    *NOW- thru Dec 5th.  Yuletide Hunger Collection.  Please send in:

  • SOUPS – Cans
  • TUNA FISH – Cans
  • JAM AND JELLY – Jars
  • SOAP (Bar or Liquid)

Students that bring in at least 1 item THIS WEEK will get a homework pass for 1 homework assignment.

*Nov. 28th– Last day for November Box Top Collection- Keep sending them in for Dec. count.

*Dec. 1st– Field Trip to the HS to practice for our Third Grade Performance 9:30-11

*Dec. 3rd- Elf Shop and Book Fair

*Dec. 5th– 2:30 Performance for Highland

     7:00 Evening performance at the HS. Students need to be present by 6:30pm.

This week:

Reading/language arts:  

*New spelling and vocab words were sent home today.  4 spelling assignments (purple journals) are due on Friday.  Both tests will be on Friday.

*A reading assignment was sent home today.  Students are to read the passage two times with an adult. Set the timer for 1 min. and read along with your child.  Count how many words they read. Subtract the amount of errors to get the total correct read.  Document these reading on their reading sheet.(Students should be reading 100 words per minute by the end of third grade)  They are not expected to read the whole passage in 1 min, but they will have to read the entire story to answer the questions.  Please encourage your child to answer in complete sentences using capitalization and punctuation.  This will be due on Friday, but may be turned in earlier in the week.

Our new read aloud book is Sarah, Plain, and Tall. This book is a great way to connect our social studies standards to our reading.  We will be using it also to practice summarizing.  This can be a difficult concept for the students as they like to retell the whole book, or focus on a detail of the story instead of the whole passage when summarizing. We will use the following to help us key on the main events when summarizing:

S- Someone, :Who is the main character?

W- Wanted:  What the main character wanted?

B- But: -What is the problem?

S-So: How does the main character try to solve the problem?

T-Then: How does the story end?

In addition, we will be focusing on making predictions, identifying the theme of the story and the text evidence to support it, and similes.  

Math:In math, we are learning x3 facts.  Please practice these facts nightly.  We will be doing more work with multiplication and division.  I will be giving back the ch. 6 tests.  If you child got 70% or below they were able to make corrections.  We went over each question today.  Most of the mistakes were from reading, or following directions.  I emphasized again that they should be underling the question, circling important numbers, and drawing pictures (tables, arrays….) to help them to solve the problems.  I model this daily.  

S.S.: We are beginning to learn about life in the past as well as what Brecksville, and Broadview Hts. were like long ago.  

Have a wonderful week! Please don’t forget to send in EMPTY, CARDBOARD, half- gallon juice or milk containers for our project!!!

Mrs. Boczulak

Nov. 14, 2016

November 14th, 2016

Dear Parents:

  Important Dates:

    *NOW- thru Dec 5th.  Yuletide Hunger Collection.  Please send in:

  • SOUPS – Cans
  • TUNA FISH – Cans
  • JAM AND JELLY – Jars
  • SOAP (Bar or Liquid)

*Nov. 14th– 3:45-4:30 After school rehearsal for Elvis, Reindeer, Santa, and Mrs. Claus

*Nov. 15th– Disguised turkey projects due!

*Nov. 16th– 3:45-4:30 After school rehearsal for Elvis, Reindeer, Santa, and Mrs. Claus

*Nov. 18th– LAST DAY to send in 3rd grade t-shirt order forms and money!

*Nov. 23-27th NO SCHOOL– Thanksgiving Break

*Nov. 28th– Last day for November Box Top Collection

This week:

Reading/ Language Arts:  This week’s lessons will focus on finding the theme of a story, using antonyms as context clues, making predictions, making words that end with y plural, and kinds of nouns: common, proper, concrete, and abstract. We will be listening to a variety of books and using text evidence to find the theme of the story.  

LA Homework:  New spelling words and spelling journals went home today.  Students will need to complete 4 assignments, and turn in their journals on Friday.  Please study the new vocabulary words that went home today.  This test will also be on Friday.  In addition, there will be a reading assignment coming home on Tuesday that is due on Friday.  

Math: This week, in addition to multiplying and dividing, the students will be planning a Thanksgiving dinner.  The children will need to plan their menu, use ads to find the cost of items, and total their dinner expenses.  

All children will be taking x10 and x11 tests this week unless they already passed these tests.  Please study nightly.  

S.S./ Science: We will be working on Timelines and Timeline Vocabulary.  We will have a Timeline quiz on the 22nd.   In addition, we will be going to the STEAM room on Friday to create a home for a Pilgrim or Native American.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Boczulak

Week of Sept. 26, 2016

September 26th, 2016

Important Dates:

  1. Friday, Sept. 30th is Picture Day!  A flyer was sent home last week regarding purchasing photos.  ALL students will get their picture taken regardless of whether or not you plan on purchasing any.  These photos are used for the yearbook.  


  1. Friday is also the last day for our Box Tops collection contest.  Please send any Box Tops in, or your completed sheets by the 3oth.  


  1. Our No Fuss Fundraiser kicks off Friday as well.  The PSO uses the funds collected for a wide variety of purposes including ,but not limited to, purchasing classroom or school items, funding assemblies or special guest visits, and funding the transportation for field trips.  Please consider making a donation.  If you have not signed up for the PSO, you can still do so as well.  


  1. Class party sign ups and information went home last week.  Please send these forms and fees in as soon as possible.  Our first party will be our Halloween Parade and Party on Oct. 31st.  


This week:

Language Arts/ Reading:  

This week’s essential question is: What can traditions teach you about cultures.  Focus skills this week include: visualizing, identifying new vocabulary using context clues, sequencing, commands, and exclamations.  

We will be practicing and applying our writing skills by writing a “How to” pop popcorn paragraph, and a recipe for Friendship Pie.  

New vocabulary and spelling words went home today.  The students will be tested on both on Friday.  In addition, spelling journals should be completed with 4 spelling assignments and turned in on Friday.  



This week we will be learning how to figure out combinations through the use of tables, tree diagrams, and multiplication sentences. We will review for our test which will be at the end of the week.



           This week we will be learning more about our minerals by performing streak, light, and luster experiments/ observations.  We will continue our research on our birthstones and Mr. Wasil will be helping us to put our information in a slide show presentation.

Mrs. Kelley came in today to talk with the class about empathy through identifying other’s feelings and understanding perspectives.   In addition, we listened and discussed the story, Enemy Pie.  Ask your child what is in Enemy Pie and why it was made.  This led to a great discussion on how to be a friend and showing kindness.  


Looks like the Fall weather is setting in.  Please do not forget to label coats, hats, gloves, boots or other outdoor apparel with your child’s name.  You would be amazed on how little ones can not identify their own clothing even when they were just wearing it.   Thanks in advance for your help with this!


Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Boczulak

Week of Sept. 12, 2016

September 12th, 2016

Important Dates / Information:

*Please plan on attending our Open House on Thursday, Sept. 22nd from 6-7pm.  The children have been working hard, and would love to show off their work to you.  All family members are welcome!

*Don’t forget to keep saving and sending in Box Tops!  The deadline for this collection is Sept. 30th.

         * Highland is for the birds!  Make that ducks!  Please consider donating your time to care for our ducks for a day.  Look for Mrs. O’Mara’s email regarding information about this.  

         *Heinen’s is having their Fall Fruit and Veggie Fun festival this Sunday, Sept. 18th from 11am-3pm if you are looking for a fun, healthy activity to do.


Language Arts:

Spelling words were sent home on Monday along with your child’s purple spelling journal, and Spelling Menu.  Students are expected to complete 4 assignments in their journal by Friday.  All spelling journals will be collected on Friday, and graded at that time.  Please try to have your child keep all assignments in order, so that they are easier to find and grade.  The spelling test will be on Friday.

A list of the vocabulary words went home today as well.  Please review these nightly.  The students will be tested on the definitions of these words on Friday.

This week we will continue to work on identifying character traits, synonyms as context clues, using visualizing to reinforce comprehension of text, and sentences and fragments.  We will begin a “How to” writing assignment on “How to make s’mores.”  The students will learn how to use transition words and adjectives to help their reader understand how to make this yummy treat!  In addition, we will begin using Mentor Sentences to help us identify parts of sentences, and to model their frameworks for improved sentence writing.  We will be taking our first reading test for the year this week.  This is a two part test.  We will read and practice answering the first story together (The text and questions are more rigorous than in 2nd grade).  The students will then complete the second story on their own using the strategies we practiced.  We will also complete the first written response section together as this piece includes not only includes answering the question, but using text evidence to support answers.  


This week we will start our next unit on Multiplication.  The students will be introduced to the concept through use of manipulatives.  We will work on making groups of objects and writing a multiplication sentence to match it: EX: 3 groups of 5 is the same as 3×5.  The students will also learn the connection between repeated addition and multiplication.  

  The students will begin working on memorizing their multiplication facts.  We will be taking weekly tests on each fact family.  When all the students have mastered the facts, we will celebrate with a sundae party. We will begin with x0 and x1.


This week we will explore our rocks that we brought in looking for common properties.  We will begin learning about the different types of how rocks are formed: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.  

Other: Mrs. Kelley will be coming in our classroom on Friday for our first guidance lesson of the year.  It will be on bullying, and peer conflict.  The students also learned this week what a Bucket Filler does, acts, or says during different parts of their school day.  I hope they are remembering to fill your bucket with kindness when they come home as  well!

We are enjoying a cooler classroom this week!  

Hope your week is pleasant as well!

Mrs. Boczulak


Week of Sept. 6

September 6th, 2016

Dear Parents,

 Important Dates:

  • Sept. 9th, -Kindness Kickoff Assembly by Rick Smith.  This year all grades and students will focus on promoting kindness to one another through various activities.  This assembly will help kick us off!  In the room, each child will have their own bucket that will be filled with kindness.  Sharing kind words will be part of our morning meetings.  We are looking forward to a year of building a community of learners who also respect, care, and show compassion for one another.


  • Sept. 9th- Elementary Football Night.  Please have your child wear their Bee/ Highland/ or red/gold attire today!  We will begin our afternoon by cheering our HS football players on with a Pep Rally.  Then Highland families can tailgate together after school in the Middle School parking lot and get ready for the evening game.  The game starts at 7pm.  Come and watch the Bees take on the Brunswick Blue Devils. Tickets can be purchased in advance in our school office.


Language Arts:  This week we will begin our first unit of our Wonders Reading Series.  We will be working on this unit for 2 weeks. The essential question for this story is: What can stories teach you?  Skills we will be working on are: visualizing, character traits, using synonyms as context clues, word families, and identifying sentences and fragments.  


Math: This week we will be rounding numbers to the nearest 100.  We will review rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and to 100.  In addition, we will review the steps to solving a math word problem and review for our first math test on Friday.  Please look for a review to come home on Thursday.  The best way to study, is to give your child example problems to practice at home.  


Science: We will be starting our Rock and Mineral unit.  Please have your child bring in a rock that fits in the palm of one hand.


This is a short week, but it is sure to be filled with lots of learning and activities! It looks like it will be another HOT one as well.  Please dress your child accordingly keeping in mind we do not have air conditioning.  Don’t forget those water bottles as well!

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Boczulak

April 11, 2016

April 12th, 2016

Dear Parents,

  * Please be sure to return the report card envelope to school.  The report card is yours to keep.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress.
  *Just a reminder that AIR testing begins next week.  We will begin with two days of reading testing- Tuesday, April 19th and Wednesday, April 20th.
  * This week we will be taking our end of the year benchmark for Star testing in reading and math.  These tests will be used to determine growth for the year, and tell whether they have met the benchmark for the standards in these two subjects.
   * The students have new spelling words and homework this week.  They were also given new vocabulary words to know.  These tests were moved up since we have our state tests the following two weeks.  There will be NO new spelling or vocab words the week of April 18th or 25th.
    * This week our focus skill is main idea and detail, as well as, root words.  We will continue to look at expository text to identify these elements.  We will also be focusing on verbs: past, present, future, and helping verbs.  The students had fun working on their Angry Verb projects today.
Math: This week we will be looking at fractions on a number line, explore equivalent fractions, and find ways to compare fractions using the >,<, or = symbols.
  Please continue to review multiplication facts daily.
Science:  This week we are learning about renewable, and nonrenewable resources.  We will talk about land conservation as we mine for chocolate chips in our cookies.
Have a wonderful week!  I think spring will be returning!  Hopefully, we can REALLY put away the shovels this time. ?
Mrs. Boczulak

April 4, 2016

April 4th, 2016

Dear Parents,

  The Grade 3 T-Shirts have arrived!  They look awesome, and the kids were excited to get them today.  Thanks to Mrs. Koepke for creating and organizing this.  It is tradition for the third graders to wear them on Fridays.  We will also be wearing them for special events at the end of the school year.
  The children brought home their Pea Plants today that we planted on St. Patrick’s Day.  They got quite big over break!  Thanks to Savannah and Mrs. Koepke for sharing this tradition with us!
   The children will be bringing home their report cards on Friday,  Please sign the report card envelope, and have your child return them to school next week.  You may notice a fall in some of the grades on your child’s report card.  This in not uncommon for this time of the year where expectations are higher and they are being exposed to new concepts.  In reading, we have added written responses to our assessments.  This is a higher level skill than just filling in a multiple choice answer.  While the students are getting better at it, we will continue to practice this skill.  We use the acronym :R-A-C-E to help us remember all the steps.  R= restate the question, A= answer the question, C= cite text evidence to support your answer, and E= explain or give examples.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions about your child’s progress.  I am happy to meet with you, email, or have a phone conference to go over their progress or grades.
Reading/Language Arts:
    *Spelling test this week!  Spelling words went home today along with spelling journals.  Spelling journals will be collected on Friday.  The words focus on the prefixes; mis, pre, and dis.
     * Vocabulary test on Friday.  Please look for the new vocabulary words that were sent home today.
  This week we will continue to work on finding the main idea and details of story/ passage, identifying and using verbs, summarizing, and root words.
  In connection with our science unit, our new read aloud story is How to Eat Fried Worms. We will be using it to help us practice written responses.
  This week we will be extending what we know about Fairytales and begin writing a new fractured fairytale by changing an aspect of the original version.
Math:  We started our unit on fractions.  This week we will focus on unit fractions, partitioning shapes, fractions of a whole, and fractions of a set.  Please continue to review multiplication facts daily for 5-10 minutes.  We will take a timed test on Friday to check our progress.
Science: This week we will continue to review what we have learned about soil thus far, learn about the importance of worms, and even do a worm experiment
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Boczulak

Feb. 8, 2016

February 8th, 2016

Dear Parents:

* Just a reminder that there is NO SCHOOL this Friday, Feb 12th(Staff In-service Day), and next Monday, Feb 15th (President’s Day).  Hope the class enjoys the 4 day weekend!


* Please keep sending in Box Tops for the Box Tops contest.


* Recorder money and slips were due today. 


* We will be celebrating our Valentine’s Day Party on Thursday, Feb 11th from 2-3.  All are welcome to join us.  Thanks to Mrs. Koepke for organizing, and for those of you who already signed up to bring in items.  Children participating in the card exchange should have their cards and a box to collect cards here on Thursday.  If your child would like to participate, but you do not have the funds currently to purchase cards, let me know. Parents who wish to take their child home after the party may sign out in the classroom.


*There are NO SPELLING WORDS or spelling homework this week.



This week:


Reading/ Language Arts:  This week, while reading folktales, we will be focusing on finding the problem and solution, identifying synonyms as context clues, and visualizing to help with comprehension.  We will be listening to a variety of fairytales, and myths.  In addition, we will be working on adjectives, and verbs.  Our VOCABULARY test will be onTHURSDAY. 


Math: Our main focus this week is learning how to find the perimeter.  The students will also be introduced to the concept of area.  We will be taking our TIMES TEST on THURSDAY.  Your child should have brought home their test from last week, and a sticky note for the facts they will need to know this week today.



Science: This week the students will be doing a few experiments to show changes in matter.  They brought home Gloop today.  Students were told to speak to you before playing with the Gloop at home as to where they should play with  it.  The Gloop can be messy and stick to things. I suggested a table, plate, or hard surface area that can be cleaned up, and will not get stained.



S.S.: Mrs. Lant will be going over any questions about the Culture Quilt project that was sent home on Friday.   If your child did not bring one home, please let me know.  ALL children in the room should take part in this project.


Looks like it is going to be a cold one this week.  Guess we can’t complain after the wonderful weather over the weekend.  Be sure to have your child dress for the weather.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Boczulak