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Procedures and H/W for 9/8/08

Procedure for HS 10 (9/8/08)


Objectives: 1) Complete Lesson 9 with various reinforcement activities.  2) Go over skit grading criteria.



1.     Return Quiz papers and informal assessment papers. 

2.     Review skit rubric.  Skit on Thursday.  Each pair turns in a hardcopy of all dialogue, a copy of rubric and the original skit card for grading. 

3.     Read Lesson 9.  Activities (charades, Q/A). 

4.     Pair practice for the skit.


H/W: 1) Work on full dialogue for skit.  2) Bring in your workbook tomorrow.

Procedure for HS 20/90 (9/8/08)


Objectives: 1) Continue to practice blending vowels/consonants.  2) Learn new classroom expression.



1.                 Take handout.

2.                 Return Quiz papers and informal assessment papers.  Quiz this coming Friday (2 sections—classroom expressions and discriminating sounds)

3.                 Browse Chinese II students’ handwriting!!

4.                 Review classroom expressions.  Teach another three terms.    

5.                 Teach Review (b, p, m, f, a, o, i, e, u) and learn new consonants.


H/W: 1) Browse through packet (d, t, n, l, g, k, h., j, q, x) tonight.  2) Practice blending consonants/vowels.  Tomorrow we try writing them out on the dry erase board.

Procedure for MS 30 /50 (9/8/08)



1.     Collect H/W (teaching slip), if any.  Quiz this coming Friday.

2.     Return quiz papers.  Pass out worksheet for index cards.

3.     Review family members and numbers 0-10.  Teach two new terms and numbers (month, day, and numbers 11-30).  

4.     Pair practice (0-30, months—January to December, and days—1st to 31st).

5.     Pair practice.

6.     Group students for origami project tomorrow.


H/W: Make index cards (check tomorrow, but not for grades, though).


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