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Procedures and H/W for 9/9/08

Procedure for HS 1o 9/9/08


Objective: Build fluency through listening and speaking.



1.    Housekeeping: 1) Monday Sharing (Q/A).  2) H/W and grades are available on the website. 3) Return Character writing assignment #2.  4) Pass out Workbook packet, if needed. 

2.    Listen to Lesson 9 CD and follow along. 

3.    Activity (assemble jigsaw puzzle).

4.    Practice on Workbook (continue tomorrow).


H/W: Write 7/8 characters (each character one row)


Procedure for HS 2o/9o 9/9/08


Objectives: 1) Practice blending and discriminating vowels and consonants.  2) Learn new classroom expressions.



1.    Practice discriminating sounds on dry erase board.

2.    Students took turn blending sounds through Pinyin software.  Learn three new consonants (g, k, h). 

3.    Review and learn new classroom expressions.


H/W: continue practice blending/discriminating sounds.


Procedure for MS 3o/5o 9/9/08



1.     Collect H/W (teaching slip).  Check index cards.

2.     Review family members and numbers.  Count from 0 to 99.

3.     Start writing your presentation sentences.

4.     Grouping for Origami activity.


H/W: review index cards for quiz on this coming Friday.


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