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Procedures and H/W for 9/11/08

Procedure for HS 10 (9/11/08)


Objectives: 1) Present skit.  2) Review for quiz tomorrow



1.     Housekeeping: 1) Turn in your writing assignment homework, if any.

2.     Pair presentation.  Turn in hard copy, rubric, and skit card.

3.     Review for the quiz tomorrow.   Use your workbook as a reference.

4.     Artists start your thank-you card project. 


H/W: review Lesson 9.


Procedure for HS 20/90 (9/11/08)


Objectives: Review for quiz tomorrow. 



1.     Housekeeping: No electronic devices out.  They would be confiscated!! 

2.     Practice on dry erase board.

3.     Review classroom expressions.

4.     Go over handout (90) for d, t, n, l, g, k, h.    

5.     Artists start your project.


H/W: Review for quiz tomorrow (10 matching and 10 sound discrimination questions). 

Procedure for MS 30/50 (9/11/08)


1.     Collect any late teaching slips, if any.

2.     Teach terms colors.

3.     Pair practice. 

Activity: origami (pinwheel, gift box) and kirigami (template).


H/W: Review for quiz tomorrow.

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