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Procedures and Homework for 9/16/2008

Procedure for HS 10 (9/16/08)


Objective: Solidify the vocabulary of describing people through games and song activity. 


1.     1) Review body parts from yesterday.  2) Introduce one good website.  3) Enrichment materials.


fat (pàng);  skinny (shòu); flat (biǎn); curly (juǎn); straight (zhí); thick (cū); thin (xì)        


2.     Games (Ms. Chang says…, Gusty Wind Blows) & Song (Where’s my friend?, “Head and Shoulder Knees and Toes”).  Ching Ching, Dana, and Raymond lead one game and one song. 

3.     Start and Read Lesson 10 (p. 85/p. 86/p. 87).

4.     Pair practice: 1) replace text on p. 85 with information that describes your partner), 2) Q/A: replace text on p. 86/87.

5.     Return papers (H/W, Skit, Quiz papers). 


H/W: 1) Writing assignment (characters on page 90, one row each).  2) Continue memorizing terms for all body parts.


Procedure for HS 20 /90 (9/16/08)


1.     Informal assessment on dry erase board (numbers 0-10, j, q, x).

2.     Finish consonants (j, q, x).  Teach new terms (qǐ=> stand up, jìng lǐ=> bow, zuò xià => sit down).  Check each individual’s pronunciation, if possible.

3.     Pair activity (two rows to exchange telephone number/address information).

4.     Teach new vowels (ao, ou, ei, ai).  Go over handout.

5.     Teach new terms (the first/second/third/fourth tone, stand up, sit down, and bow).


H/W: 1) Read the packet tonight.  2) Practicie blending.


Procedure for MS 30/50 (9/16/08)


Objectives:  Build up oral presentation draft.


1.                 1) Check index cards.  2) Review 11 colors.  3) Informal assessment (students hold up their colored cards). 

2.                 Review birthday terms (month, day).

3.                 Continue writing three more sentences for the oral presentation.  Draw numbers for presentation order.

4.                 Pair practice—read your draft (8 sentences now) to your partner.

5.                 Game—rock, scissors, and paper in Chinese.. 








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