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Procedures and Homework for 9/18/2008

Procedure for HS 10 (9/17/08)


Objective: Familiarize oneself with correct characters’ stroke order.


1.     Turn in your homework from yesterday.  Extend one more day for the students who did not see it yesterday. 

2.     TPR/Informal assessment on body parts on dry erase board. 

3.     Demonstrate how to write characters (textbook and supplementary materials).  Practice writing characters on dry erase board.

4.     Listening comprehension activity: drawing on board.


H/W: Practice writing all body parts on your own. 

Procedure for HS 20 /90 (9/17/08)


Objective: Students will be able to discriminate new compound vowels.


1.     Take one handout.  Quiz this Friday,

2.     Review (numbers 0-10, stand up, sit down, and bow). Informal assessment on dry erase board (j, q, x, numbers 0-10).

3.     Teach new terms—Classroom Expressions (the first/second/third/fourth tone). 

4.     Introduce one counting piece (1-3, 3-1, 1-7, and 7-1)/Song (bpmf).


b   p   m   f   d   t   n   l   g   k   h   j   q   x


5.     Introduce compound vowels (ai, ei, ao, ou).  Go over the handout.  Check individual’s pronunciation 


H/W: Review all old/new terms from yesterday/today.

Procedure for MS 30/50 (9/17/08)


Objective: Students learn body parts through various games. 


1.     Game: Scissors, rock, and cloth (30).

2.     Review all colors with index cards.

3.     Activity (1-3, 3-1, 1-7, and 7-1)/Song: Where’s my friend? 

4.     Teach new terms: (body parts). 

5.     Game: Ms. Chang says…touch your ….

6.     Pair practice all body parts/oral presentation.

7.     Group activity: phone numbers.



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