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Procedures and Homework for 9/22/08

Procedure for HS 10 (9/22/08)


Objective: Review and be ready for quiz tomorrow (Lesson 10).


1.                  Return all papers.  Writing assignment due tomorrow.

2.                  Monday sharing.

3.                  Finish Lesson 10 (pages 90-91). 

4.                  Review sample questions for quiz tomorrow.

H/W: Go over vocabulary and sentence patterns.  

Procedure for HS 20/90 (9/22/08)


Objective: Complete classroom expressions.

1.                  1) Return quiz papers.  2) Writing assignment due tomorrow—reflection on two presentations.  3) Counting assignment due within next two weeks (from 9/22-10/3; counting from 0 to 100, sign up your time/date w/Ms. Chang; 20 points).  4) Quiz this Friday (family members, classroom expressions, & blendings).

2.                  Monday sharing.

3.                  Review counting from 0-100. 

4.                  Learn new terms (family members, classroom expressions).


H/W: 1) practice counting, classroom expressions, and blending.  2) Make your own index cards for family members.

Procedure for MS 30/50 (9/22/08)


Objective: Complete oral presentation sentences.

  1. Monday sharing. 
  2. Review body parts and sport terms.
  3. Pair practice saying all terms.
  4. Continue writing new sentences (I like …. (sports)).
  5. Read all completed sentences to your partner (9 sentences so far).  I am …., There are … people in my family, They are….., I am … years old.  My birthday is …….  My home phone number is …., My address is ….., My favorite color is …., I like playing <sports>.
  6. Organize your class notes for checking this Friday (30 points).
  7. Pass out reading packet about China.






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