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Procedures and homework for 9/24/08

Procedure for HS 1 period (9/24/08)

1.  Prepare for Lesson 11.  Read new vocabulary. 

2.  Model Stroke order. 

H/W: 1) Write the first 10 characters, 1 row each.  Make sure you can write the characters without looking.  2) Make index cards to play around and memorize the terms.  Make sure you can identify the terms when you hear or read them in the text.

Procedure for HS 2P/9P (9/24/08)

1.  Try on Dry Erase Board (family members).
2.  Try Random Number Generator.
3.  Try Classroom Expressions matching.
4.  Continue Compound Vowels (uo, üe) in Compound Vowels handout.

5.  Pair practice.
6.  Start Review sheet #1, if time remains.

H/W: practice blending, classroom expressions, and family members.

Procedure for MS 3P/5P (9/24)

1.  Complete the writing assignment from reading packet.  Collect for grades.

2.  Continue writing one last sentence for the oral presentation next week. 

3.  Learn new terms for animals, if other than the ones presented by Ms. Chang.

4.  Read your sentences to your partner.

5.  Show and tell.

H/W: 1) Class notes are due this Friday.   2) Write a final edition (2 copies) for your oral presentation.  One copy to keep in the presentation and one copy to turn in to Ms. Chang in the presentation.

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