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Procedures and homework for 9/25/08

Procedure for HS 1 period (9/25/08)

1.  Turn in your homework.

2.  Review/Sound out the vocabulary learned from yesterday.

3.  Dictation (Informal assessment) on dry erase board.

4.  Teach new sentence patterns (first half of our handout).

5.  Class work (making sentences and terms).

6.  Teach new characters.

H/W: write these new characters, one row each.

Procedure for HS 2/9 Periods (9/25/08)

1.  Quiz tomorrow (classroom expressions, family members, compound vowels).

2.  Informal assessment on dry erase board (family members, compound vowels).

3.  Review classroom expressions.  Go over sample questions for quiz tomorrow.

4.  Continue Review Sheet #1 (We are reading sentences!!!).

H/W: Review for quiz tomorrow.

Procedure for MS 3/5 periods (9/25/08)

1.  Class notes due tomorrow.  Oral presentation starts next Monday.   Turn in your hard copy when giving the presentation.

2.  Ms. Chang Checks your draft for tone marks and spellings mistakes.

3.  Show and tell.

4.  Introduce websites (will continue).

H/W: Finalize your oral presentation draft.

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