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Procedures and homework for 9/26/08

Procedure for HS 1st period (9/26/08)

1.  Return writing assignment (Lesson 11) and Reflections on Presentation.

2.  Dictation on dry erase board (vocabulary, terms, and sentences)

3.  Teach two sentence patterns in the handout (#4/#5).

4.  View video “China”.

Procedure for HS 2nd/9th periods (9/26/08)

1.  Quiz.

2.  View video “China”.

3.  Return writing assignment (Reflections on Presentations).


Procedure for MS 3rd/5th Periods (9/26/08)

1.  Collect class notes for grades (20 points).  Change seats (5th period only).

2.  Return your writing assignment (China–10 points).

3.  View Video.

4.  Teach new terms (5th period only–up, down, left, right, front, and back).

5.  Ms. Chang check your oral presentation draft.


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