on September 3rd, 2008

9/2/08 Procedures & Homework

Procedure for 1o (9/2/08)


Objective: Students will be able to exchange information about their family pets and introduce their partner’s pets, if any. 


1. Get grid paper for H/W.  Drop your supplies into the crate. 

2.  Check binders (5 tabs for “general information”, “handouts”, “class notes”, “homework”, and “tests/quizzes.”)

3.  Quiz this Friday (matching measure words with animals, nationalities with Chinese characters). 

4.  Sharing your activities over the weekend.

5.  Read Lesson 7. 

6   Pair practice–interview each other, get information and present the information to the class. 


H/W: write 9 characters 5X. 


Procedure for 2o/9o (9/2/08)


Objective: Students master all 12 basic greeting terms.


1.  Take a copy of 12-term handout.  Quiz this Friday (matching–terms with corresponding meanings; multiple choices–discriminate sounds). 

2.  Drop your supplies (Kleenex, sanitizer, Zipper bags, or wipes; Expo marker) into the crate. 

3.  Take one envelope, visit this site: nation 21 loans.  Write your name and address in registration and navigate to this website.  Collect.

4.  Ready for Fire Drill. 

5.  Review 9 terms.  Teach 3 new terms (Good morning, good afternoon, good evening). 

6.  Check your binder (5 tabs for “general information”, “handouts”, “class notes”, “homework”, and “tests/quizzes.”

7. Pair practice.  Skit (?).


H/W: 1) Make 12 index cards with one term’s Hanyu pinyin and its corresponding meaning on either side.  2) Read packet again (introduction and Lesson 2). 

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