on September 4th, 2008

9/3/08 Procedures for HS/MS Chinese

Procedure for HS 1o (9/3/08)


Objective: Students be able to match nationality and the translated Chinese characters.


1. Get grid paper/handout for H/W.  Turn in H/W from yesterday.    

2.  Check binders (5 tabs for “general information”, “handouts”, “class notes”, “homework”, and “tests/quizzes.”)

3.  Read Lesson 8. 

4.  Pair practice–interview each other, get information and present the information to the class. 

H/W: write 7 characters for one row. 


Procedure for HS 2o/9 o (9/3/08)


Objective: Students learn to blend five simple vowels and four consonants.


1.  Check your index cards/binder (2o).

2.  Start teaching Hanyu Pinyin.    

3.  Review Classroom expressions.  Learn new phrases.


H/W: 1) review 12 terms. 2) Practice blending vowels/consonants.

Procedure for MS 3rd/5th periods

1.  Check index cards.  (homework from 9/2).

2.  Learn family members (father, mother, older/younger sister, older/younger brother) and a new sentence pattern (I have…).

3.  Pair practice. 

4.  Tangram pieces.

H/W:  review 12 terms for quiz on Friday.

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