on September 4th, 2008

9/4/08 Procedures for HS/MS Chinese

Procedure for HS 1o (9/4/08)


Objective: Learn new various sport terms.


1.      Get a copy of Lesson 9 handout.  Turn in H/W from yesterday.  Quiz tomorrow.    

2.      Make sure you have 5 tabs for “general information”, “handouts”, “class notes”, “homework”, and “tests/quizzes.”

3.      Start Lesson 9.  Go over new terms first.  Learn new sentence pattern (I like ….). 

4.      Pay attention to 1) radicals (water, horse, foot, hand), 2) action words for sports.     

5.      Pair practice–interview each other for preference, get information and present the information to the class. 

6.      Pass out skit slip for next Monday. 


H/W: 1) Memorize all sport names for tomorrow’s informal assessment.  2) Review measure words, nationality for quiz.  I will have your quiz paper signed by your parents if you score below 80%!!

Procedure for HS 2o/9o (9/4/08)


Objective: blend 5-7 simple vowels with 4 initial consonants.


1.  Quiz this Friday (matching–terms with corresponding meanings; multiple choices–discriminate sounds). 

2.  Go over vowels/consonants.  Try to sound out all combinations.

3.  Review classroom expressions.  Learn two more terms today. 


H/W: 1) Review 12 basic greeting terms for quiz.  I will have your quiz paper signed by your parents if you score below 80%!!  2) Practice blending. 



Procedure for MS 3rd/5th Periods

1.  Quiz tomorrow.  Have to score 80% or higher.

2.  Review family members.  Learn a new syllable (and), numbers 1-6 today. 

3.  Pair practice. 

4.  Tangram pieces.

H/W: review for quiz.

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