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Procedures and Homework Assignments for 10/2/08

Procedure for HS 10 (10/2/08)


Objective: Prepare students with a solid knowledge for quiz tomorrow. 


  1. 1) Turn in your homework.  2) Return your Ni Hao textbook. Tomorrow after the quiz. 
  2. Work on workbook.  Check your answers.
  3. Go over quiz sample questions.
  4. Go over skit cards.  Pick your skit card tomorrow.
  5. 1) Get your new Ni Hao level II Workbook.  2) Same requirements in the rubric, but you need to memorize the dialogue this time.  Turn in hard copy, rubric, and skit card.  Due next Wednesday.  Pair with your classmate or individual work with Ms. Chang.

 H/W: Review for quiz tomorrow.


Procedure for HS 20/90 (10/2/08)


Objectives: 1) Students will be able to say/tell/count numbers from 0 to 100 before Friday.  2) Students will be able to name all family members and identify the relationships with them in Chinese.  3) Students will be able to sight read Hanyu Pinyin.  4) Students will be able to pronounce/discriminate all consonants.


1.      1) Take one handout (zh, ch, sh, r, z, c, s).  2) Quiz (Counting numbers) due tomorrow (20 points).  3) Mr. Rings will come in to observe before 10/15. 

  1. 1) Read your sentences about yourself (random drawing).  Train you listening skill.  – 4 points count toward your quiz grades next Friday.  2) Game (Family members—20 only).  Train your high level thinking skills
  2. Continue Review Sheet #1.
  3. Teach new consonants (zh, ch, sh, r, z, c, s).
  4. Pair practice.

H/W: 1) Practice blending. 2) Practice counting.


Procedure for MS 30/50 (10/2/08)


Objective:  Students will be able to tell dates/time in Chinese.


1.  Oral presentation (50 only).  Turn in your hard copy.

2.   Review all terms (father, mother, older/younger sisters, older/younger brothers, he/she, years old, wife, husband, son, and daughter).

3.   Family game.

4.   Teach new terms (year, month, day, o’clock, minute, second, hour, today, everyday). 

5.   Pair practice. 





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