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Procedure and Homework assignments for 10/24/08

Procedure for HS 1P (10/24/08)

1.    Turn in your H/W.

2.   Prepare your desk for Chinese calligraphy lesson–newspaper, brush pen, rice paper, ink, etc.

3.    Follow the directions.  Enjoy it.

H/W: Practice all learned characters and be sure you can tell time in Chinese.

Procedure for HS 2P (10/24/08)

1.  Turn in your H/W.

2.  View DVD “Three Monks”.

3.  Summary activity: 2) retell the story, 2) discuss the moral of the story, 3) compare and contrast the similar saying in English.

4.  Read textbook p.7/p.8.

H/W: practice reading Chinese sentences in textbook without reading the Hanyu pinyin.

Procedure for HS 9P (10/24/08)

1.   Turn in your H/W.

2.   View DVD “Great Wall of China” and practice using chopsticks to eat Cheerios.

H/W: Get familiar with learned character and practice to read textbook p.7 without looking into the Hnayu Pinyin.

Procedure for MS 3P/5P (10/24/08)

1.  Review 12 numbers (0, 100, 1-10).  Informal assessment.

2.  Count from 0-100.  Explain and tell the differences between Chinese and American format of telling date. 

3.  View DVD “Great Wall of China”.  Practice chopsticks w/Cheerios (3P only).

4.  Preview sounds of family members (5 P only).

H/W: review numbers to match among Chinese pinyin, English meaning, and Chinese characters.  Prepare yourself for quiz on next Tuesday. 

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