on October 13th, 2008

Procedures and Homework Assignments for 10/13/08

Procedure for HS 1P (10/13/08)


Objectives: Students will be able to read, tell and comprehend date accurately and fluently. 


1.      1) Quiz part I tomorrow (workbook sections A, B, C, & D—know year , month , day , weekday 星期 and the order of telling dateyear, month, day, weekday, Chinese characters from to ).  2) Quiz part II next Tuesday (10/21).

2.      Know the difference between American and Chinese format of telling date (textbook p.8).

3.      Listen to CD Sections A/I.  Work on and go over workbook sections A to D & I (20 minutes).

4.      Return all papers.


H/W: 1) Review for quiz tomorrow.  2) Read textbook pages 1-4 thoroughly.   

Procedure for HS 2P/9P (10/13/08)


Objectives: 1) Students will be able to master Chinese characters from to .  2)  Students will be able to discriminate consonants (zh ch  sh  r  z  c  s).


1.  Quiz part I tomorrow (A: 4 sentences–Wǒ Shì…, Wǒ Jiā Yǒu  # Gè Rén, Wǒ Jǒu Bàba, Māma, Liǎng Gè Gēge Hàn Yī Gè  Mèimei, Wǒ Shí Sì Suì; B: 10 consonants; C: translating between numbers and Chinese characters).

2.  Open your textbook p. 16-21.  Listening to CD (10-12 minutes).  Read p.22 on your own.

3.  Work on /Go over workbook Sections B, C, E, & I (20 minutes).

4.  Return all papers.


H/W: Review for quiz tomorrow (consonants and Chinese characters to ).



Procedure for MS 3P/5P (10/13)


Objectives: 1) Teacher knows the student; students know their teacher/classmates.  2) Set the tone for the next 6-week Exploratory Chinese.  3) Teach basic greetings.


  1. Greet students at the doorway and say “Nǐ Hǎo你好 (How are you?/How do you do?).  Pass out a class list slip to each one.  Students sit on their assigned seat.  Take attendance.  
  2. Students work on their Student Inventory sheet (exit slip).  Collect Student Inventory sheet.
  3. Pass out/Go over Ms. Chang’s Classroom Rules and supplies.
  4. Introduce myself.  Answer any questions for Ms. Chang.
  5. Teach basic grammar rules (symbols for tone marks, rules of placing tone marks, different tone pronunciation, etc) and 1-3 terms (Nǐ Hǎo你好, Wǒ shì … 我是… (I’m); Nǐ shì… 你是… (you’re) 

H/W: Sign and return the classroom slip by Wednesday (10/15). 


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