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Procedures and Homework Assignments for 11/4/08

Procedure for HS 1p (11/4/08)


Objectives: Students will use action words to describe their daily routine.


H/W: 1) One row for each new character.  2) Study textbook pages 21-23 for sentence patterns.  2) Sound out loud textbook pages 15-18. 



1.                  1) Turn in your H/W.  2) Take one copy of Participation Rubric and Supplementary Materials for Lesson 2. 

2.                  1) Review characters.  2) 5 minutes—4 students for quiz (listening, reading sentences, and writing).

3.                  1) Listen to CD: work on workbook pages 9 & 11.  2) Check your answers. 

4.                  Model more new vocabulary. 





Procedure for HS 2P/9P (11/4/08)


Objective: Students will be able to say/write all greetings.


H/W: 1) (2P) Workbook pgs. 10, 12, & 13.  (9P) One row for each new vocabulary and WB pages 10/12.  (2) Random drawing tomorrow again.


1.                  Turn in your H/W.    

2.                  1) Dictation.  2) 5 minutes—random drawing for reading sentences on the board.

3.                  Reteach/Practice (起立Qǐ Lì—stand up, 敬禮Jìng Lǐ—Bow, 坐下Zuò Xià—sit down).  Record in your notebook. 

4.         (9P ONLY) Finish up all vocabulary   <      /   >

5.         Listen to CD and work on workbook page 9.  Listen to/follow along CD Lesson 2. 








Procedures for MS 3P/5P (11/4/08)

1.  Check Homework index cards.

2.  Review all 14 terms.  Informal Assessment agian.

3.  Read your senttences to the class.  Check your speaking/listening comprehension skills.

4.  Teach one more sentence structure (phone number).

5.  Contruct a paragraph of 6 six sentences and turn it in before the end of the period.

H/W: Review for quiz on Friday.

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