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Procedures and Homework Assignment for 11/5/08

Procedure for HS 1P (11/5/08)

Objectives: Students will construct and sound out a paragraph through listening activity.

H/W: 1) One row/new vocabulary.  2) WB p.10.


1.  1) Turn in your H/W.  Get another copy of square paper for tonight.  2) Chinese painting art work is in showcase.  3) Skit due next Friday.  Skit cards will be available next Monday.  4) Start thinking about a cultural project (Chinese chess, yo-yo, Go, Ma-Jiang, TaiJiquan, kite, cutting papers, origami, …).  Due on 11/21; presentation on 11/24 and 11/25.   

2.  1) Go over Classroom participation slip and the article of “By the Numbers”.  2) Quick reminder (你去…=> demanding)

3.  Quick Quiz (recognize characters, write, and read sentences). 

4.  Activity: Recognize characters (listening, reading, & speaking).


Procedure for HS 2P/9P

Objective: Students will review all common classroom expressions.  2) Students will compare pictographic Chinese characters.

H/W: practice writing all phrases and vocabulary, and review WB 10, 12, 13 for quiz tomorrow.



1.      1) (9P only) Turn in your vocabulary H/W.  2) Go over the answer key to your WB pages 10/12/13 (2P) 10/12 (9P). 

2.      Quick quiz (9P only).  Work on WB page 13 and check your answers.

3.      Activity: Recognize the development of Chinese characters (from pictures, old fashioned to current ones.

4.      Go over quiz sample questions.



Procedure for MS 3P/5P


  1. Review all terms (family members, ge ren, sui, jia, you, liang, han, nian, yue, ri).
  2. Go over sample quiz questions (matching, making 2 sentences) for quiz this Friday.
  3. Pass back students’ 5-6 sentences.  Check your work.
  4. Construct 1-2 more sentences (phone numbers and address).  Add to your draft.
  5. Origami (5P only).

H./W: review for quiz this Friday.

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