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Procedures and Homework Assignments for 12/09/08

Procedure for HS 1P (12/9/08)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to ask/state the location of objects. 2) Students will be able to describe floor plan.

H/W: 1) 課文 32-34 2) 生字一行. 3) index card.


1. 1) Take two copies of handout. 2) Take one copy of square paper. Turn in your H/W and index card.

2. Informal assessment. Practice on dry erase board.

3. Read textbook page 31 and go over notes.

4. Review sentences on page 32 (see notes on the following page).

5. Model new characters (, , , ).


臥房 = 臥室; 廁所 = 洗手;

Procedure for HS 2P/9P (12/9/08)

Objectives: Students will be able to identify school supplies, ask whether someone knows something, and ask who owns an object through reviewing three sentence patterns: / 是什麼? “ , “”知道嗎?”, and / 是誰的 <object>?”

H/W: 1) One row for each new characters. 2) Read textbook pages 32-33.


1. 1) Turn in your H/W. Take one copy of square paper. 2) Take one copy of handout.

2. Informal assessment. Dictation on dry erase board.

3. Model new characters (, , , ).

4. Read sentence patterns on pages 36 bottom/37 top.

5. Read the notes on the handout about possessive form.

Procedure for MS 3P/5P (12/09/08)

1.  Skit.

2.  Complete/Grade reading packet as a class.  Collect.

3.  Label and present the significance of major cities/landmarks in China.

4.  1) Pass out handout.   Go over pronunciation.  2)  Show case  Chinese publications.

H/W: make 18 index cards.

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