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Procedure and Homework Assignments for 12/12/08

Procedure for HS 1P (12/12/08)

Objective: Students will review sample questions and prepare themselves for the quiz on 12/16.

H/W: 1) workbook section I. 2) Study for quiz on 12/16 (pages 29, 30, 31, 34) and work on project.


1. 1) Turn in your H/W and/or index card. Take one copy of quick reminder of oral presentation. 2) Pass back all papers. Activity slip counts as bonus. 3) Quiz on 12/16. Oral presentation due at the beginning of the class on 12/17. You will present either on 12/17 or on 12/18. Draw your number on 12/15. Volunteer if you choose! Mr. Wilch is coming. 4) Go over oral presentation rubric.

2. Work on workbook sections G & H. Go over the key.

Procedure for HS 2P/9P (12/12/08)

Objective: Students will review vocabulary, sentence patterns, and reading comprehension for reading comprehension for quiz on next Monday.
H/W: 1) Sudy crossword puzzle handout for basic sentence patterns.  2) Review character list (尺, 毛筆, 筆, 書包, 書, 剪刀, 橡皮, 這,是,那, 什麼, 誰, 的, 大概, 他, 她, 我, 你, 知道, 不, 嗎).  3) Use workbook pages 30/31 as reference.
1.    1) Pass back all papers.  2) Yesterday’s workbook assignment counts as bonus.
2.      Review vocabulary (matching sound with character and saying its meaning).
3.    Make sentences (grabbing characters).
4    Reading comprehension (answer sample questions).
5.      Dictation.

Sample Reading comprehension questions:

David: 這是什麼?        Lanlan: 這是毛筆
David: 這是誰的?        Lanlan: 這是我的

1.    What is the item that David and Lanlan talk about?
2.    Whose item is that?

David: 這是什麼?        Lanlan: 這是橡皮
David: 這是誰的?        Lanlan: 我不知道
David: 大概是我的

3.    What is the item that David and Lanlan talk about?
4.    Whose item is that?

David: 那是你的書包嗎?        Lanlan: 是的

5.    What is the item that David and Lanlan talk about?
6.    Whose item is that?

Key to workbook pages 31 & 32:
Section E:
1.  6 (six items: scissors, brush pen, ruler, pen, and
2 back packs).
2.  Ben: ruler    David: pen
Jemma: school bag    probably Karen: brush
3.  scissors and the other back pack.

Procedure for MS 3P/5P (12/12/08)

Objective: 1) Students will review for quiz on next Monday. 2) Students will try tangram pieces.

H/W: Study for quiz.


1. 1) Quiz next Monday. 2) Return / comment on newspapers activity.

2. Review 6 learned terms from yesterday. Informal assessment. Practice counting game.

3. Review all 12 terms. Practice counting game.

4. Explain counting principle.

5. Teach four terms (years old …, persons/people, have/has, and). Make sentences (I am …, I am … years old).

6. Finish up labeling activity (5P only).

7. Introduce Tangram pieces (3P only).

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