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Procedures and Homework Assignments for 1/14/09

Procedure for HS 1P (1/14/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will review all room terms and be able to tell directions. 2) Students will comprehend the dialogue in Lesson 3.

H/W: 1) WB page 28. 2) Complete your writing section.


1. 1) Turn in your H/W. 2) Return your draft. 3) Semester Exam procedures. 4) Writing section this Friday.

2. Sample questions. Try on SMART Board

3. Listen to CD (pages).

4. Complete your final draft for Friday.

Procedure for HS 2P/9P (1/14/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to use Chinese to introduce their family or to talk about their family (greetings, age, family members and occupation). 2) Students will review terms/sentence patterns through 2 in-class activities.

H/W: 1) A paragraph about your family (how many people there are, I have …., ages of each family member, occupation of each family member). Due 1/26/09.  2) Write one row for each character.


1. 1) Writing section this Friday. 2) Check your WB H/W. 3) Turn in your character H/W. 4) Semester exam procedure.

2. Go over the key to the H/W.

3. Model new characters (, ). Explain sentence pattern (你叫什麼名字? / 你的名字是什麼? => 我叫白大偉; 我姓白, 叫大偉; 我的名字是白大偉)

4. Typesetting activity.

5. Matching activity.

Page 34: Section C:

1. 我家有六個人 2. 我家有四個人 3. 我家有個人 4. 我家有五個人

Page 35: Section D:

1. John 有一個哥哥 / (, ) 一個妹妹 2. Mary有一個姐姐和兩個弟弟

3. Karen 有一個弟弟和一個妹妹 4. Peter 有一個姐姐和一個哥哥

5. Ben 有兩個姐姐和兩個妹妹 6. Clair 有四個弟弟和一個哥哥

7. Michael 有一個哥哥, 一個姐姐, 一個妹妹和一個弟

Procedure for MS 3p/5p (1/14/09)

Objectives: Students will complete their draft of oral presentation. 2) Students will learn sports terms.

H/W: practice your oral presentation. 2)


1. 1) Return all papers. 2) Complete 2 drafts of 10 sentences. One for you to read and one for Ms. Chang to review. Collect at the end of today. 3) Explain and show case the art project samples.

2. Go over handouts (sports). Pair practice.

3. Teach terms for body parts (head, hair, nose, eyebrow, eyes, ears, mouth, hand, shoulder, knee, feet). Explain game of “Follow the leader”

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