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Procedures and Homework Assignments for 3/13/09

HS 1P/2P/9P:

Objective: Students will learning study techniques and OSU Flagship program through Dr. McAloon’s presentation.

H/W: 1P: Read textbook pages 55-59.  2P/9P: Familiarize yourself with all 8 sports terms (sounds, meanings, and characters.)


Presentation given by Dr. McAloon from OSU.

MS 3P/5P

Objectives: 1) Students will gain knowledge about Chinese Zodiac system.  2) Students will start unit #2: Numbers.

H/W: Study Unit #1 Basic Greetings for quiz on 3/16/09.


1.  Informal Assessment.

2.  Quiz in pairs.

3.  Pass out the unit 2/3 handout.  Teach new terms (numbers 1-10).  Take notes and pair practice.

4.  Pass out the Chinese Zodiac handout and zodiac placement.  Explain the symbols and folk tales.

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