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Procedures and Homework Assignments for 3/19/09

Procedure for HS 1P (3/19/09)

Objective: Students will practice expressing terms of paying money and getting changes in a transaction.
功課: Read text pages 58-59.
1. 1) Turn in your character H/W. 2) Skit due on 3/31. 3) Audacity recording on 4/2. 4) Lesson 5 quiz on 4/1. 5) Ms. Chang is gone for the talent show at the 2nd half of 8th period.
2. Pair activity: Try paying money/returning change activity.
3. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Michael (馬瑞凱).

Practice Paying Money/Getting Changes: Show me your answer on the dry erase board.
1. Clerk: 一共十二塊三毛四. Customers: 給你十五塊. Clerk:?
2. Clerk: 一共五塊九毛七. Customers: 給你十塊. Clerk:?
3. Clerk: 一共三十六塊零八分. Customers: 給你四十塊. Clerk:?

Procedure for HS 2P/9P (3/19/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will familiarize themselves with all sport terms. 2) Students will read text passages on pages 77-78 fluently.
功課: Practice reading passages on pages 77-78.
1. (2P only) Matching activity.
2. 1) Turn in you character H./W (today or tomorrow) & a slip of skit choice and pair member names. 2) Ms. Chang is gone for the talent show at the 2nd half of 8th period. 3) Skit card #1 is now available. Skit due on 3/30. 4) Lesson 9 quiz on 3/31. 5) Audacity recording on 4/2/09.
3. Finish characters (踢, 打).
4. Read textbook pages 77-78.

Procedure for MS 3P (3/19/09)

Objectives: Students will gain knowledge about various aspects of Chinese cultures. 2) Students will practice cutting longevity paper pattern.
H/W: Memorize all numbers 1-10.
1. Finish reading legends about Chinese zodiac animals and giant panda.
2. Finish cutting the longevity paper pattern.
3. Watch a DVD: “Chinese Culture”.

Procedure for MS 5P (3/19/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will learn Chinese characters for numbers 1-5. 2) Students will cut 2 paper cutting patterns (double happiness and longevity). 3) Students will review numbers 1-10. 4) Students will learn the legends about 12 Chinese zodiac animals and giant panda.
H/W: Memorize numbers 1-10 and practice Chinese characters for 1-5.
1. Return all reading packets and quiz papers.
2. A quick review of numbers 1-5.
3. Teach Chinese characters 1-5. Practice writing Chinese characters.
4. Pass out Chinese zodiac handout (part II). Read the handout as a class.
5. Pass out 2 paper-cutting patterns. Cut patterns. Collect as a class participation grades.
6. Flash cards activity to review numbers.

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