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Procedures and Homework Assignments for 5/6/09

Procedure for HS 1P (5/6/09)

Objective: Students will start learning new characters in Lesson 7. 2) Students will be able to hold telephone conversations for many situations.

功課: 生字一行.


  1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson 7 character list. 2) Video clipping viewing.
  2. Browse through Lesson 7. Model Lesson 7 Text reading (Ms. Chang, Rachel).
  3. Learn new characters (, , , , ).
  4. Pair activity: phone messages.

General Phone Conversation:

A: 請問, < person> 在不在? /在不在家? / 在家嗎?

B: 對不起, / 她不在。請問您是哪 () ?

A: 我是 < name >

B: 你好! < A’s name>, 您找他/ 她有什麼事嗎?

A: < message on the slip >

B: / 她回來我要他 / 打電話給您。

A: 好的, 謝謝您。

B: 不客氣。

Procedure for HS 2P/9P (5/6/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will continue to learn new characters in lesson 11. 2) Students will be able to express their food preferences, to name some Chinese dishes and to gain knowledge of the characteristics of Chinese food and Chinese cooking.

功課: 生字一行.


1. 1) Turn in your character H/W. 2) Video clipping viewing.

2. Dictation.

3. Learn new characters (, , , , , ). Read sentences on text page 93.

4. Group activity: Create a 4-course/1-soup dinner menu. Balanced (meat, seafood, vegetable, tofu, etc) menu, please. Use cook books as your reference. Collect at the end of the period.

Procedure for MS 3P/5P (5/6/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will label major Chinese cities on a map. 2) Students will read passages about Chinese school/students’ way of life.

H/W: Review learned terms.


1. Quick review of learned terms (Ni Hao, Wo Shi, Ni Shi, Zai Jian, Zhang Lao Shi => Zao An/Zao/Ni Zao, Wu An, Wan An, Xie Xie, Bu Xie, Bu Ke Qi, Dui Bu Qi, Mei Guan Xi).

2. Culture reading: Schools in China/Taiwan.

3. Fist guessing game.

4. Group activity: label major cities on the map.

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