on June 1st, 2009

Procedures and Homework Assignments for 6/1/09

Procedure for HS 1P/2P/9P (6/1/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will practice their speaking skill through Monday sharing routine. 2) Students will start Chinese radicals to further their understanding of Chinese characters.

H/W: Study for Writing Semester Exam (Wednesday, 6/3).


1. 1) Ms. Chang is not available after school tomorrow due to a staff meeting. 2) Ms. Chang will start collecting textbooks from Wednesday to Friday. A list of fines (from $1-$5) and names of students who damage the textbook or do not return the book will be sent to main office right after school on Friday. 3) There will be a revised schedule (Honors Assembly) for tomorrow. 1st period starts at 7:30-7:50, HR: 7:55-8:00, report to gym from 8:00. Assembly:8:10-10:00, 2nd period starts at 10:25-10:45, 9th period starts at 2:00-2:20. 4) Start collecting your flash cards for Wednesday.

2. Monday sharing.

3. Start Chinese Character Radical unit.

Take out your handout. Highlight certain radicals first.

1) http://www.zapchinese.com/Chinese-lessons/Lesson08/Lesson08.htm

2) http://www.zapchinese.com/Chinese-lessons/Lesson09/Lesson09.htm

3) www.yellowbridge.com/Chinese

4. Pair/Group work: finish your Writing section sample questions.

Procedure for MS 3P/5P (6/1/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will take a quiz today. 2) Students will review numbers from 1-100 to play multiple game. 3) Students will know their peer better through a Monday sharing routine.

H/W: N/A


  1. Quick review before quiz.
  2. Quiz.
  3. (3P only) 1) Ms. Chang won’t be available tomorrow due to an Honors Assembly at HS—3P only. 2) Art project is due on Friday (6/5) with a minimum requirement of 10 Chinese terms/characters.
  4. Monday sharing.
  5. Review counting (1-100).
  6. Play multiple game.
  7. (5P only) Pass out Body Parts handout. Go over/teach terms. Continue tomorrow.

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