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Procedures for 9/23/09

HS 1P/9P (9/23/09) Procedure

Objectives: 1) Students show their mastery of numbers and blending consonants/vowels. 2) Students learn to type Pinyin.

Homework: 1) Review for quiz tomorrow. 2) Type Pinyin passage, if it is not turned in.


1. 1) Take one handout (number table) and one headset. 2) Test your computer.

2. Record counting numbers from 0-100 and blending 10 syllables.

3. Type passage with Pinyin. Turn it in with your name on the printout. It becomes your homework if it is not done in class.

4. Explore three websites, if times allows.

HS 2P (9/23/09) Procedure

Objectives: 1) Students show their mastery of reading lesson 6 or lesson 8 text. 2) Students complete typing their skit script.

功課: Complete skit script.


1. Take one copy of Lesson 6/lesson 8 text passage, one audacity instruction, and one headset.

2. Start recording.

3. Type your script.

MS 3P/5P (9/23/09) Procedure

Objectives: 1) Students make index cards as a preparation of unit #4 (colors). 2) Students enjoy Chinese folk art: folding paper (gift box and pinwheel). 3) (3P only) Students rewrite their first draft of oral presentation.

Homework: (3P only) Make 11 index cards.


1. 1) Quick review (family members and supplementary terms). 2) Take Quiz #3. 3) Quiz #4 on next Thursday (10/1).

2. (3P only) 1) Students make two origami products: gift box and pinwheel. 2) Students take colored strips for making 11 index cards as homework tonight.

3. (5P only) 1) Students take colored strips and finish making 11 index cards. 2) Students learn to make origami: gift box.

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