on September 15th, 2009

Procedures for 9/15/09

HS 1P/9P (9/15/09) Procedure

Objectives: 1) Gain geographic knowledge about China. 2) Practice speaking/listening skills. 3) Gain fluency in counting numbers.

Homework: Practicing counting numbers.


1. 1) MS 8th grade Open House: parents do not need to be at room 112. Follow MS guidelines. Meet Ms. Chang outside auxiliary lobby for questions. 2) Future extended homeroom schedule.

2. 1) 1P: Quick review. Quiz #2. 3) Return all papers. 4) Tuesday sharing. Turn in your paragraph. 5) DVD: places in China.

3. Pair activity: complete the reading packet. Go over the answers as a class. Collect the answer sheet at the end of the period.

http://www.maps-of-china.com/china-country.shtml (China)

http://www.maps-of-china.com/china-continent.shtml (Continent’s view)

http://www.maps-of-china.com/china-globe.shtml (Global view)

4. 9P only: 1) Practice counting numbers from 0-100. 2) Cutting longevity paper pattern.

HS 2P (9/15/09) Procedure

Objectives: 1) Chinese III students will be able to write a note, explain causes, express frequency, offer choices and hold a basic conversation at a restaurant or as a guest of a Chinese family. 2) Chinese II students will be able to hold a basic conversation when visiting a Chinese family.

功課: 1) Chinese III: write a note to a teacher explaining why not turning in homework assignment. 2) Chinese II: workbook pages 47-48/生字一行.


1. Skit: Chinese III: scenario of dining out. Chinese II: scenario of visiting a friend.

2. Chinese III: 1) Turn in your 6 sentences. 2) Read Chinese II Lessons 4-5. c) Flash cards.

  1. Chinese II: 1) New characters (, , , , , , ). 3) Read text passages on p. 72-73.

MS 3P/5P (9/15/09) Procedure

Objectives: 1) Gain fluency of counting numbers from 0-100. 2) Learn Chinese character (longevity) through cutting paper pattern.

Homework: N/A


1. 1) Makeup test. 2) Return all papers.

2. Go over the key to the reading packet as a class. Collect at the end of the class.

3. DVD: Song Shan Shaolin martial arts.

4. Cutting paper activity: Pass out 1 paper pattern (longevity).

5. Pass out handout for family members/supplementary terms.

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