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Procedures for 10/23/09

HS 1P/2P/9P (10/23/09)

Objective: Students will enjoy their Chinese painting (flowers/bamboo) lesson today.

Homework: 1) 5-sentence paragraph. 2) Chinese III: Lesson 9 skit script.


1. Take your brush pen, Xuan paper, watercolor paint and sit on any seat.

2. Listen to/Watch our guest teacher, Mrs. Shen’s demonstration very carefully.

3.  Practice on paper towel and then work on real xuan paper.

MS 3P/5P (10/23/09)

Objective: 1) Students will finish up number unit today. 2) Students will solidify their retention of numbers through a coloring activity.

Homework: 1) 5-sentence paragraph. 2) Coloring sheet.


  1. Collect any makeup work, if any.
  2. Quick review (1-10). Teach new terms (0, 100).
  3. Cultural reading: Chinese writing system. Finish teaching 3 more Chinese characters (water, river, mouth). Collect as your grades.
  4. Teach classroom expressions (class begins, class is dismissed, stand up, sit down, bow, how are you, teacher, how are you, class).
  5. Coloring activity.

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