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Procedures for 10/27/09

HS 1P/9P (10/27/09)

Objective: Students will continue to learn consonants and lesson four.

Homework: 1) One row for each character. 2) Review consonants.


1. 1) Return all papers (characters, quiz, etc). 3) Makeup work (1P: typing Chinese characters: Kathryn, James, Colin, Wyatt, Brad, Kristen; Nathaniel, & Devon: quiz; 9P: Mitchell/Eddie: quiz).

2. Dictation.

3. Continue consonants.

4. Teach new characters (, , , , ).

5. Read textbook pages 2324.

6. “Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante”. It contains some of the most influential people throughout time. How many can you name?

HS 2P (10/27/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will practice their listening/speaking skills through a weekly Monday sharing routine. 2) Chinese II students will continue to learn to express time and current actions. 3) Chinese III students review weather condition terms through various activities for quiz tomorrow.

Homework: 1) Chinese II: 生字一行 & WB page 10. 2) Chinese III: Review Lesson 9 text and WB for quiz tomorrow.


1. Chinese II: 1) Turn in your characters (, , , , ) homework. Submit your revised pen pal letters. 2) Learn new characters (, , , , ). 3) Read textbook pages 16-17. 4) Matching/typesetting activities. 5) WB page 10. If not completed, it is your homework, too.

2. Chinese III: 1) Take/go over the study guide (key to WB pages is included). 2) Group study. 3) Matching/Typesetting activities.

MS 3P/5P (10/27/09)

Objective: 1) Students learn Chinese counting principle to count from zero to one hundred. 2) Students will be able to gain geographical knowledge about China.

Homework: Review all numbers (0, 1-10, 100 and the corresponding Chinese characters) for quiz tomorrow.


  1. 1) Practice classroom expressions. 2) Makeup work (3P: Ellen—Reading packet, 5-sentence paragraph, coloring sheet, and writing Chinese characters; 5P: Andrea, Perry, Ricky, Andrew). 3) Return all papers (reading packet, character homework, quiz paper, etc).
  2. Quick review (numbers and characters).
  3. Culture reading: Chinese writing/pronunciation systems. Showcase Chinese publications.
  4. Introduce Chinese counting principle. Count from 0 – 100.
  5. (5P only) Show and Tell: Chinese publications and money by Logan G.
  6. DVD: Places in China.

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