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Procedures for 10/30/09

HS 1P/9P (10/30/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will review for quiz on next Tuesday. 2) Students will gain knowledge about Chinese’s contribution in math.

Homework: 1) 5-sentence paragraph. 2) Study for quiz on next Tuesday (lesson 4 w/consonants)


1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson 4 Study Guide. 2) Ms. Chang checks your completeness of WB pages (23-26). 3) Turn in any makeup work. 4) (1P only) Happy birthday song for Kristen C.

2. 1) Go over key to WB pages. 2) Go over Study Guide. 3) Go over common mistakes (, < pronoun > # : without in between, => X二歲)

3.  DVD: Culture and Math: the Chinese.

HS 2P (10/30/09)

Objective: Students will practice Chinese calligraphy.

Homework: 1) 5-sentence paragraph. 2) Chinese II: Review for quiz on next Thursday. 3) Chinese III: practice for your skit.


1. 1) Turn in your 4/5-character writing assignment (, , , , ). Ms. Chang checks the completeness of your WB pages 14-15. Any makeup work? 2) Take a few copies of newspaper to cover the carpet & your desk. 3) Ms. Chang passes out brush pen, Xuan paper, ink, etc. 4) Chinese III: Bring in your Chinese III textbook on next Tuesday.

2. Mrs. Shen will demonstrate 1) how to hold a brush pen and 2) how to exercise your brush pen in Chinese calligraphy.

3. Enjoy your calligraphy practice.

MS 3P/5P (10/30/09)

Objective: Students will learn places in China and prepare flash cards for next two units.

Homework: 1) 5-sentence paragraph. 2) (3P only) 17 flash cards.


1. 1) Any makeup work? 2) Take colored strips. Make flash cards.

2. Make a balloon origami.

3. DVD time: Scenic and historical spots in China.

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