on October 29th, 2009

Procedures for 10/29/09

HS 1P/9P (10/29/09)

Objective: 1) Students will identify someone, state his/her age, and welcome the person. 2) Students will acquire the knowledge of Chinese attitude towards age and the Chinese customs for celebrating birthdays.

Homework: WB pages 23-26 (Sections B-E)


1. 1) Turn in your 5-character homework (, , , , ). 2) Return all papers (characters, 5-sentence paragraph). 3) Ms. Chang is not available after school due to a meeting at 2:30 PM.

2. Read textbook pages 29-31. Showcase cookbooks with pictures of birthday items.

3. (1P only) Teach birthday song.

HS 2P (10/29/09)

Objectives: 1) Chinese II students will be able to communicate about time, daily routines, and to express opinions about time. 2) Chinese III students will demonstrate their proficiency of using terms to express weather conditions.

Homework: 1) Chinese II: one row for each new character (, , , , ). WB pages 14-15.


1. 1) Ms. Chang is not available after school due to a meeting at 2:30 PM. 2) No fancy clothes tomorrow (Wear layered clothes. Short sleeves inside, preferred). Calligraphy class tomorrow!

2. Chinese II: 1) Turn in your daily routine homework. 2) Return all papers (characters, 5-sentence paragraph, daily routine, pen pal letter—if still incorrect!!). 3) WB pages 14-15. 4) Learn new characters (, , , , ). 5) Read text pages 18-19. 

3. Chinese III: 1) Questions? 2) Quiz. 3) Practice your skit.

MS 3P/5P (10/29/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will learn Chinese folk arts—folding paper. 2) Students will prepare index cards for unit #3—family and unit #4—colors.

Homework: 17 index cards (father, mother, older/younger sister, older/younger brother, 11 colors)


1. 1) Return all papers (connecting the dots, quiz paper). 2) (3P only) Play CD again. 3) Explain homework next Tuesday/Wednesday. 4) Quiz #3 on 11/9.

2. Culture reading—lucky numbers and unlucky numbers.

3. Make origami (pinwheel, gift box). Collect for grades at the end of the class.

4. (3P only) Take colored strips.

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