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Procedures for 11/4/09

HS 1P/9P (11/4/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will learn to write their Chinese name. 2) Students will start to learn front nasal sounds.

Homework: Finish 2 rows for each of your Chinese name character.


1. 1) Take a square paper and a set of 2 handouts (front and back nasal sounds). 2) Return papers (characters, 5-sentence paragraph, etc). 3) (1P only) Pass out stroke order slip for your Chinese name. 4) Makeup test (Melissa, Mechaela). 5) Sign up the cooking lesson on Monday/Tuesday (11/9 and 11/10).

2. Read textbook pages 23-25. Pair practice.

3. Teach front nasal sounds. Pair practice.

4. Practice writing your Chinese name. Finish 2 rows for each Chinese character.

5. Questions? Study skills sharing (1P: Adam Y., Andrew S., Jay Rose; 9P: Derek, Daniel, Claire, Eddie, Benita, etc).

HS 2P (11/4/09)

Objectives: 1) Chinese II students will review characters, terms and sentence patterns for their quiz on Thursday. 2) Chinese III students will prepare themselves for a new lesson.

Homework: 1) Chinese II: study for quiz on Friday. 2) Chinese III: course schedule. Due on this Friday.


1. 1) Turn in your 7-character homework. 2) Return your papers (characters, 5-sentence, etc). 3) Turn in your $5 due for Chinese Club. Sign up the cooking lesson on Monday/Tuesday (11/9 and 11/10).

2. Chinese III: 1) Take one Ni Hao 3 Lesson One Supplementary Terms handout. 2) Practice your skit. 3) Write your course schedule. 4) Preview Ni Hao 3 Lesson One.

3. Chinese II: 1) Check key to your WB pages 14-15. 2) Teach new characters (, , , , , , ). 3) Can you write the following time in different formats: 8:10, 8:15; 8:30, 8:45?

MS 3P/5P (11/4/09)

Objectives: Students will learn terms to complete their oral presentation about themselves.

Homework: Review all learned terms (family members, supplementary terms)


1. 1) Any makeup work? 2) (5P only) Check flash cards. 3) Return all papers. 4) Quick review.

2. Teach new terms (jia, you, ge ren, he).

3. Write two more sentences. Pair practice 4 sentences.

4. Culture reading: Chinese Food, Seasonings, and Utensils. Showcase cookbooks.

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