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Procedures for 11/5/09

HS 1P/9P (11/5/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will learn front nasal sounds. 2) Students will practice text passages for next week’s audacity recording.

Homework: Review sound and practice reading.


1. 1) Turn in your Chinese name homework. 2) Take one copy of Lesson Four text passage. 3) Introduce Chinese II students’ pen pal letters.

2. Dictation.

3. Teach front nasal sounds. Pair practice.

4. Pair reading (lesson four text).

5. Introduce Chinese pronunciation song. Sing along.

6. Flash cards activity.

7. Bonus points: 1) Binder/folder organization. Collect on next Thursday and return on next Friday. 2) Skit: apply learned terms to put into a 10-sentence skit.

HS 2P (11/5/09)

Objectives: 1) 中文三學生will share their experiences of school life including their subjects, exams and classmates. Students will be able to hold basic conversations commonly used in the classroom and school grounds. 2) 中文二學生 prepare for their quiz.

Homework: 1) 中文二學生: study for your quiz tomorrow. 2) 中文三學生: 生字一行


1. 中文二學生: 1) Take one copy of Lesson Two text passages. 2) Pen pal letters (Kevin, Michael, Zack, Eric, Amelia, Brianna, Sarah, Jae-Min). 3) Go over common mistakes ( => ; => ). 4) Model characters (, ). 5) Go over study guide. 6) Read textbook pages 16-20 in pairs/independently. 6) Flash card time/study time.

2. 中文三學生: 1) Presentation of your skit? Next Wednesday—final!. 2) Take one set of Lesson One character list. 3) Learn new characters (, , , , , ). 3) Preview Ni Hao 3 Lesson One

3. Introduce Chinese pronunciation song. Sing along.

4. Introduce Chinese radio station in Cleveland. Listen to a Chinese popular song, “不得不愛bu de bu ai.” Lyrics are available for your reference.

MS 3P/5P (11/5/09)

Objectives: Students will prepare a written draft for their oral presentation.

Homework: Review all learned terms.


1. Quick review (family terms, 8 Chinese picture characters. supplementary terms).

2. Explain Chinese date format (year, month, day, & weekday).

3. Teach supplementary terms (year, month, day, de & birthday).

4. Finish 5th sentence. Collect draft #1 of five sentences.

5. Pair reading: 5 sentences.

6. Showcase cookbooks.

7. Show case PowerPoint projects/movies.

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