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Procedures for 11/6/09

HS 1P/9P (11/6/09)

Objective: 1) Students will finish front nasal sounds today. 2) Students will gain knowledge about ancient Chinese technological inventions.

Homework: 5-sentence paragraph


1. 1) Get one copy of Lesson Four text passage slip and skit checklist. 2) Turn in your Chinese name homework assignment. Still missing several copies!! 3) Return all papers. 4) Turn in your folder/binder at the end of next Thursday. Will return the following Friday.

2. Dictation.

3. Finish up front nasal sounds handout. Pair practice.

4. Read Lesson Four text passages.

5. Brainstorm session: 1) find a partner for your skit, 2) use at least 4 different polite/greeting expressions (你好, 歡迎, 再見, 謝謝, 早安, 午安, 晚安, 請進), 3) one plural form (), 4) introduce each other and involve a 3rd party, 4) identify names, state ages, and 5) use terms “老師” and “同學” in your skit. Type your skit script. Due next Tuesday at the end of the Audacity. Perform on Wednesday. Memorize your script for bonus points.

HS 2P (11/6/09)

Objective: 1) 中文二學生 will take a quiz today. 2) 中文三學生will start a Chinese 3 Lesson One today.

Homework: 1) 5-sentence paragraph. 2) 中文三學生: 7-character writing assignment.


1 中文二學生: 1) Pen pal letter? 7-character homework? 2) Q/A? Lesson Two quiz. 3) Preview Lesson Three.

2 中文三學生: 1) Turn in your character homework. Model characters (). 2) Monday: Monday sharing, Q/A session, DVD. Tuesday: finish typing your skit. Wednesday: skit presentation. 3) Learn new characters (, , , , , , , ). 4) Read textbook page 7. 5) Review all direction terms (上面, 下面, 左邊, 右邊, 旁邊, 前面, 後面, 對面, 裡面, 外面, 反面, etc). 6) Preview page 4 => building model, drawing school floor plan, CAD, etc to include main office, cafeteria, gym, auditorium, media center, lab, Chinese classroom, Chinese classroom, etc.

MS 3P/5P (11/6/09)

Objective: 1) Students will revise their draft and prepare their oral presentation. 2) Students will learn direction terms to prepare for the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.

Homework: 1) 5-sentence paragraph. 2) Review for quiz on next Monday.


1. 1) Quiz on next Monday, including 4 family terms, 8 Chinese characters, and supplementary terms (sui, nian, sheng ri, jia, you, ge ren, he, de). 2) Quick review. 3) Return your 5-sentence draft. Edit and rewrite.

2. More art project samples: electronic version (PowerPoint presentation and movie).

3. Teach direction terms (shang, xia, zuo, you, xian, hou, ting). Game next week.

4. (3P only) DVD: China’s Great Wall.

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