on December 16th, 2009

Procedures for 12/16/09

HS 1P/9P (12/16/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will finish up their oral presentation about their family today. 2) Students will review for their lesson 6 quiz on Friday.

Homework: Study for quiz on this Friday.


1. 1) Ms. Chang returns papers. 2) Go over answer key to WB pages (36/38/40).

2. Oral presentation.

3. Read/Review textbook pages 43-46.

4. (9P) Teach Review Sounds #2.

HS 2P (12/16/09)

Objectives: 1) Chinese II students will finish their oral presentation about their house floor plan today. 2) Chinese III students will practice sample tasks today and go over details for tomorrow’s Amazing Race.

Homework: 1) Chinese III students practice terms for buildings, etc and practice tangram/origami. 2) One row for each new characters (, , , , ).


1. 1) Ms. Chang returns all papers. 2) Chinese III students get one copy of Notes for Amazing Grace. 3) Announcement from NSLI-Y.

2. Chinese II: 1) Presentation. 2) Work on/Study Lesson 4.

Chinese III: 1) Postpone our quiz after winter break so that An Ru Yi can visit us on Friday? 2) Go over Notes for Amazing Race. 3) Practice sample tasks (tangram, getting change, folding papers, fruit/weather flash cards, etc). 4) Work on/Write new characters (, , , , ).

MS 3P/5P (12/16/09)

Objectives: 1) 3P students will continue to finish up learning Chinese Pinyins and characters about numbers 0 and 100, Chinese counting principal, and Rock, scissors, and paper game in Chinese version. 2) 5P students will solidify their Chinese number characters through two activities.

Homework: Review learned terms and Chinese characters (0-10, 100) for quiz this Friday.


1. Missing assignment (3P: Jennufer: paper cutting).

2. Quick review (3P: 1-10; 5P: 0-10, 100)—sounds and Chinese characters.

3. Teach new terms (3P: 0/100)—sounds and Chinese characters. Collect your character assignment.

4. (3P) Learn Chinese number counting principle.

5. (3P) Culture reading: finger guessing game.

6. (5P) Chinese characters hunting activity/Chinese character connection activity.

7. Showcase art project sample work: clock.

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