on December 8th, 2009

Procedures for 12/8/09

HS 1P (12/8/09)

Objective: Students will continue learning Lesson six.

Homework: 1) One row for each new character (, , , , , ). 2) Makeup work.


1. 1) Return all papers. 2) Turn in your 3 sentences (Erin, Ashley, Maggie, Bryan, Devon, Ericka, Wesley, Ryan, Caelan, James, Lillian, Jay, Adam Y.). 3) Audacity mistakes (wrong file format, recorded Review Sounds #2 instead of #1, script with characters but no Pinyin). Makeup work due tomorrow. Talk to Adam F., Caelan, Colin, Adam Y., Jay, Aashna, James, Wyatt, Ryan, Erin, Antonio, Ericka, Maggie, Ashley). 4) Oral presentation on 12/15-12/16. Lesson six quiz on 12/17.

2. Teach new characters (, , , , , ).

3. Independent study: 1) Review Sounds #2. 2) Flash cards activity. 3) Using Lesson Six sentence structure, draft your family tree sentences. Ms. Chang works with individual student now.

HS 2P (12/8/09)

Objectives: 1) Chinese II students will review for their quiz on Thursday. 2) Chinese III student will review for their quiz and Amazing Race.

Homework: 1) Chinese II: WB pages 18, 20, & 27. 2) Chinese III: WB pages 12/14/15.


1. 1) Return all papers. 2) Chinese II: take one copy of Lesson 3 Study Guide. Lesson 3 quiz is on Thursday (12/10). Floor plan presentation is from 12/15-12/16. Due date for model/PP file/movie slip/poster is next Monday (12/14). 3) Chinese III: turn in your class schedule w/teacher name/classroom number. Lesson 1 part II quiz next Wednesday (12/16/09). Amazing Race is next Tuesday (12/15/09).

2. Chinese II: 1) Go over study guide. 2) Listen to CD: WB page 18 Section A. 3) Independent work: WB page 18 (Section B) / page 20; Floor Plan project. 4) Questions for Lauren & Brianna.

3. Chinese III: 1) Check key to WB pages 7/11. 2) Pair/Independent study: WB pages 12, 14, & 15. 3) Questions for Candace, Michael, Christina, and Marissa.

HS 9P (12/8/09)

Objectives: Given a speech by our guest speaker, Ms. Kirkendall, students will understand the advantages of knowing Chinese in this global community. Students will also learn her study strategies and know cultural differences between China and America.

Homework: N/A


1. Presentation.

2. Q/A?

MS 3P/5P (12/8/09)

Objectives: 1) Students will learn 8 simple Chinese characters. 2) Students will write and perform a skit with basic greeting terms.

Homework: One row for the learned Chinese characters.


1. 1) Return all papers. 2) Quick review.

2. Teach new terms (stand up, bow, sit down).

3. Culture reading. Teach Chinese characters (3P: , ; 9P: ).

4. Explain skit requirements (two copies, highlighted, 7/9 different terms for pairs/group of 3). (5P only) Collect Chinese character homework.

5. Students work on/perform the skit. (5P only) Collect the script.

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