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Procedures for 1/28/10

HS 1P/9P (1/28/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will practice listening comprehension today. 2) Students will review lesson 7 sentence patterns.

Homework: 1) (1P only) One row for each new character. 2) WB page 42 Section A / page 44 Section D.


1. 1) Turn in your character assignment. 2) (9P) Ms. Chang returns your papers.

2. (1P) 1) Take one copy of Lesson 7 Supplementary Materials handout. 2) Teach new characters (, , , , ). 3) Finish up DVD: DVD: China: From Past to Present: Life in the Ancient Capital Cities. 4) Read text 54-56. 5) Listen to CD / WB page 43 Section B & page 44 Section E. Checks answers.

3. (9P) 1) Read text 54-56. 2) Go over handout. 3) Whole class listening activity w/worksheet (practice speaking & listening skills) – write down your name and names for answers. Collect.

HS 2P (1/28/10)

Objectives: 1) Chinese II students will be able to talk about clothing, including colors and types of clothes. 2) Chinese III students will be able to talk about modes of transportation and what they use in commune between school/home.

Homework: 1) Chinese II: memorize clothes items & 生字一行. 2) Chinese III: memorize transportation vehicle terms & make 5 sentences.


1. 1) Ms. Chang checks your WB page assignment. 2) Ms. Chang returns papers.

2. Chinese II: 1) Informal assessment (flash cards). Mini quiz #1 (colors). Go over supplementary terms. 2) Independent Study: Learn new characters (, , , , ), read text page 43.

3. Chinese III: 1) Independent study: mini quiz tomorrow (bus, school bus, taxi, car, bike, motorcycle, tourist bus, train), making 5 sentences (只要: zhǐyào, 左右: zuǒyòu, 大約: dàyuē, 不到: bú dào, 將近: jiāng jìn), fix your sentences and resubmit.

4. Whole class listening activities: Q/A session.

MS (1/28/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will know one another through a building community activity. 2) Students will gain geographical information about China through reading a reading packet. 3) Students will continue learning basic greetings terms.

Homework: N/A


1. 1) Collect any signature slips or late Student Inventory. 2) Introduce MS class list (taking Chinese at HS). 3) Quick review (Ni Hao, Ni Shi, Wo Shi)

2. Teach new basic greetings terms (Xie Xie, Bu Xie/Bu Ke Qi, Zai Jian).

3. Building community activity.

4. Culture reading: China.

5. Pass out and demonstrate how to hold chopsticks.

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