on February 17th, 2010

Procedures for 2/17/10

HS 1P/9P (2/17/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will review sentence patterns through a conversation session. 2) Students will be able to talk about his/her nationality.

Homework: 1) WB pages 49 Section A/50 Section C. 2) One row for each new character.


1. 1) Return all papers. 2) Missing work (1P: Kristen, Wyatt, Jay, Michela, Bryan, Ericka, Andrew; 9P: Jeramie, Kayla, Anthony, Tyler, Cory, Mitchell). 3) Read 5-sentence paragraph (Aashna, Kristen). 4) Showcase writing assignment (Heidi).

2. Matching activity.

3. Learn new characters (, , , , ). Read text pages 66-67.

4. Conversation questions (country, citizens, student, teacher, pets, age, etc).

HS 2P (2/17/10)

Objectives: 1) Chinese II students will be able to state that they are looking for something in particular. 2) Chinese III students will be to .

功課: 1) 中文二: 1) text pages 46-47. 2) Review text pages 43-45 and WB pages 29-33; 中文三: text pages 21-23 and WB page 23.


1. 1) Return all papers. 2) Missing work (中文二: Kevin, Kirsten, Bryan, Alex, Amelia, Zach, Eric, Kara, Sarah, Jae Min; 中文三: Ray, Michael, Kristine).

2. 中文二: 1) One assignment without name? Lesson Four quiz: 2/24. Class work: Listen to WB page 34. Go over the answer key. 2) Go over text pages 46-47. Independent work: Study sentence patterns on text pages 48-50.

3. 中文三: Independent work: 1) Go over mistakes in pen pal letters. 2) WB page 23 to rearrange characters in sentences. 3) Preview text pages 24-25. Class work: 1) Go over text pages 22-23. 2) Teach new characters (, , , , ).

HS 3P/5P (2/17/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will learn supplementary terms and construct sentences for oral presentation. 2) Student will work on origami products. 3) Students will continue brainstorm ideas for their art project.

Homework: Review all learned terms.


1. 1) Quiz #3 is on this Friday. 2) Quick review. 3) Return all papers.

2. Pass out/go over oral presentation sentence patterns handout.

3. Teach new terms (jia, you, ..ge ren). Write first three sentences.

4. Showcase art project sample work (pillow, clock, lego, craft, origami, etc).

5. Make origami.

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