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Procedures for 3/2/10

HS 1P/9P (3/2/10)

Objectives: Students will take their Lesson 8 test today.

Homework: Practice Lesson 8 text passages for audacity recording on Thursday.


1. 1) Listening comprehension at 2F lab tomorrow. 2) Quick review.

2. Take Lesson 8 quiz.

HS 2P (3/2/10)

Objectives: 1) Chinese II students will complete/practice their skit and take an optional makeup writing test. 2) Chinese III students will take their Lesson 2 test today.

Homework: Practice reading Lesson 4/Lesson 2 for audacity recording.


1. Listening comprehension at 2F lab tomorrow. Audacity recording is on next Monday.

2. 中文二: 1) Turn in your skit w/rubric. 2) Study lesson four text passages. 3) Work on writing section questions for makeup grades. 4) Practice reading/presenting your skit on Thursday.

3. 中文三: 1) Quick review. 2) Take Lesson 2 test.

MS 3P/5P (3/2/10)

Objective: 1) Students will start a supplementary unit of body part. 2) 5P students start a supplementary unit about body parts.

Homework: Practice your oral presentation and work on your art project.


1. 1) Return quiz papers and draft #2. 2) Go over all ten sentences for common mistakes. 3) Pair activity to practice oral presentation.

2. (5P) Pass out/Go over body parts handout.

3. (3P) Continue Tangram pieces activity.

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