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Procedures for 3/30/10

HS 1P/9P (3/30/10)

Objective: Students will take a quiz today.

Homework: Study your audacity.


1. Draw your stick. Sit on your new seat. Ms. Chang will check your seat against your stick #. Reserved seat for (1P) Caelan (#3) and Ashley (#4). (9P) Cameron, Tyler, Cory, Eddie and Mitchell.

2. Quick review.

3. Lesson 9 quiz.

4. Write your sentence for preference of sports. Bring in your digital images for PP draft #3. Need to turn in at the end of the class. Practice your audacity recording.

5. Pass out/go over Software Evaluation Notes handout. Browse through Great Wall Chinese software.

HS 2P (3/30/10)

Objectives: 1) Prepare students to evaluate a software package. 2) Chinese II students will practice asking about availability and price of certain goods. 2) Chinese III students will learn variety of films.

Homework: 1) 中文二: WB page 41. 2) 中文三: 生字一行


1. 1) Draw your stick. Sit on your new seat. Ms. Chang will check your seat against your stick #. Reserved seat for Leshe (#1) and Brianna (#4). 2) Turn in your character writing assignment. 3) Pass out/Go over Software Evaluation Notes handout. We will evaluate the Great Wall Chinese software package for 10 minutes for next three days, then on website during spring break, and then in class again after we come back.

2. 中文二: Group activities: 1) Go shopping. 2) Shop Around. Independent study: read text passages on pages 55-57.

3. 中文三: 1) Take one slip of tested terms. Mini quiz on Thursday (喜劇片, 愛情片, 歷史片, 恐怖片, 偵探片, 科幻片, 武俠片, 記錄片, 悲劇, 音樂片, 卡通()). 2) Learn new characters (, , , , ). 3) Read text passages on pages 40-41.


(: martial arts):

: (xiá: chivalry):

(huàn: illusion, fiction):

(yáo: rock):

(gǔn: roll):

MS 3P/5P (3/30/10)

Objectives: Students will build sentences for their oral presentation.

Homework: Review all learned terms.


1. 1) Monday sharing. Collect. 2) Quick review (family). 3) Ms. Chang returns quiz papers. 4) Unit #3 quiz on this Thursday. Students can have the quiz today or tomorrow if you have planned absence.

2. (3P) Finish up origami: gift box.

3. Pass out/go over oral presentation handout. Build sentences (name, age, # of people in the family.

4. (5P) Watch VHS: Chinese Word for Horse.

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